My Enrollment for SP PowerUP with 34.844 SP | Club5050

in hive-181430 •  10 months ago 

Hello my SIZ Community Friends,

Today I have power up my SP with 34.844 by exchanging my rewards from Steemit Marketplace. So, I request Steem Infinity Zone (SIZ) community to enroll me in your Club5050 member.

I am sharing here my first power up on my Steemit account on receiving my first rewards. I do commitment to SIZ community to power up my rewards as maximum as possible.


I am new to this community and posting my first post to SIZ. I hope SIZ community will support my contribution and I will be dedicated and active in this community that is my promise.

I will convert all my rewards for powering up my SP in future also to increase my influence on Steemit and to support SIZ community.

I hope my journey for Club5050 will be amazing with SIZ community.

Thank you so much.


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