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Hello steemains!!!

Today I will give you new information about #club75 and #club100 which is one step more advanced after #club5050 by the steemit team.

Now at steemit users can be get extra voting support from curators by joining #club5050, #club75 and #club100.

Any one can use these tags if they are eligible for using them. I'm explaining it in detail with you what are the rules for joining #club75 and #club100


Guidelines for #club5050

We have discussed it before and most of us joined the club5050. For guidance you can check this post.


Guidelines for #club75

Rule - 1

In order to use the #club75 hashtag, we must check the activity in our wallet for the last 60 days (two calendar months).


In order to use the #club75 tag, the amount of SP Power Up we have done in our wallet activity for the last 60 (in two calendar months) days must be at least 3 times the amount of steem + sbd we transferred.


With the #club75 tag, we are committed to Power Up at least 75% of our total earnings.


Guidelines for #club100


In order to use the #club100 hashtag, we must check the last 90 days (three calendar months) activity in our wallet.


In order to use the #club100 hashtag, we must not have made any steem or sbd transfers in our wallet activity in the last 90 days. (If you have transferred steem or sbd in your last 90 days of wallet activity, you cannot use the #club100 tag automatically)


With the #club100 tag, we are committed to Power Up at least 100% (all) of our earnings.

NOTE : If you do not provide the rules for #club75, please do not use it in your posts. Using the wrong tag is also one of the spam. Support the steemit team by following the rules


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If iam eligible for #club75 ,do i have to add both #club5050 and #club75 tags in my post or only #club75.?

Add both tags

Informative post, thanks for updating us.

Thank you for the update

You have explained in proper and simple words
Thank you for sharing information

Thanks for reviewing my post

I am very carefully to using these tags because this is the steemit official announcement. So bundle of thanks for sharing this report.

Can not wait to join #club75 as my powerups are 73% ,so iam nearly there.

Good to know that, next powerup will make you eligible for #club75

Thanks for the guidance in easier way👌👍

Thanks for reviewing. It will really help you to join #club75 & #club100

Yes it will 👌

#club100 😀😀

Thanks for the information.

Hi mam @suboohi!
I have power up my my 75% earning from last two month.I am sending you the link. You will check and tell me if I have did exactly right. Did you make any mistake? Please guide me .Now can I use the tag 0f #club75 in my posts.

Please mam @suboohi guid me.

That's a nice information, thank you for that @suboohi

How can i check to know if am eligible for #club5050 because have tried checking it but seem that I can't see it.
@suboohi please clarify me on that. Thank you

From Steem world you can check you wallet activity

Okay boss, let me check it immediately.

This is your 1month history

Okay thanks, that means am not eligible.

But if I powerup 30 steem, will I still be eligible.?

Yes you will be eligible 👍


Mam please guide me.

Check Your Wallet Activity For one one from Steem world

Thank you very much mam.

Mam please can you help me, my achievement5 tasks 4 hasn't been verified

Here is my link to Achievement5 task4

You perform very well, describing all the stages in a very good way. Thanks so much for sharing the details.
Regards @cryptokethor

Thanks for reviewing my post

My pleasure