Grand Report exclusively for #club5050 - [Usernames,Transactions(14th October to todays),Powerup,Powerdown,Eligibility] || by@suboohi

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Greetings to all steemains!!!

Today I'm sharing a list of active users who are eligible ar not eligible, the amount of steem they powerup and the amount of steem that they cash out from their wallet. So all those who aren't eligible for Club5050 should work over powering up.

UsernamePowerupNormal transferPowerdownEligble
@drhira98 Steem 19sbdnoyes

this list is made by me manually if someone is missing in list can send your user name in comment section of this post


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Quick Delegation to SIZ
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@cryptokraze | @vvarishayy | @suboohi |@ashkhan | @faran-nabeel


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You really work hard.
Thanks for making this post it's really helpful.

Thanks for this report. In this way we know that we are eligible or not. Bundle of thanks


@suboohi As always you do your work very hard and diligently. Have always been admirable. May Allah grant you more success.
Regards @cryptokethor

Thanks dear for your good wishes 💕

That's good working....
SIZ have a many active members who join club5050.
I am very happy to see your post.
Thanks for making this wonderful report.

Regards, Faran Nabeel

Thanks for your participation and reviewing my post

A. O. A Mama my name is missing i am also the member of #club5050 and our community.
Kindly add my name in your post.
Thank you so much dear friend i really appreciate your work and your community.

thank you for creating this post, it helped alot

My user name is @yasin120
You have mentioned @yasin only kindly check it and then tell me about my eligibility

Dear mam @suboohi my name is missing in this report , @msalmanjaved if this is starting from 14th October.


OK I'm editing

i have also delegate my Steem to SIZ, but still my label not get updated. please review it also

If you have any in future send comment by tagging my name or you can contact me at discord

Thank you so much for your response to me, mam @suboohi


Hi Great report. But in this report my name is missing.

Username. @muhammadsameer

Please include me in the list, I have powered it up 2 times.

My name is missing from the list, I have powered up half steem and I follow all the rules of #club5050.

  ·  3 months ago (edited)

@shama26 not in it and @maha12 is too missing