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Dear SIZ Members

Steem Infinity Zone has started Tech Diary Game and we are getting many quality posts on daily basis. In order to encourage all the members to produce great quality Tech Diaries, we will be picking Best Tech Diarywhere you will get a chance to Win booming vote.


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Winner of Tech Diary Game is @alirazaop

Congratulations on Winning Best Tech Diary of the Day.

Booming Vote will be given to your account within 24 hours

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Tech Diary Game is Active Now

There were many requests from the members as well to start something where everyone can share Technology related content in easy way so this Tech Diary Game would be perfect for everyone. So, Tech Diary Game is started where people will be sharing their routine life where they are using Technology in any aspect.

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Things You can Share in Tech Diary

  • Your activities that involves any technology related things.
  • Your activities while using your smartphones, laptops and SmartTv.
  • Your activities that you are doing on IT and Tech Projects.
  • Your activities that you are doing on different apps and platforms.
  • Your activities while making Tech course or tutorial.
  • Your activities while shopping for any Technology gadget.
  • Your activities while exploring new stuff about recent technologies.
  • There are certain tags (#tech-diarygame #steemexclusive) that you should use in your Tech Diary Game posts so we can spot them easily.

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Let's Win Together with SIZ

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  • We are also very thankful to Steemit team for always supporting our community and hope you will like this contest idea. This is another effort by SIZ management to uplift the content quality, increase engagement and appreciate hard-working authors.

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Hope one day my post will be selected ☺️.

Congratulations to the selected, the content worths it.