Club 5050 - Top 5 Picks in SIZ |3rd November 2021

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We appreciate all the members of the community for adding value to the community and choosing Steem Infinity Zone

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Greeting to all Steemit Members. Hopefully you all are great. Today I am going to share my lecture 5. And that is about computer Programming. I always try to share in simple words mostly. So every one can understand easily



>I If you are studying software engineering or aiming to become software engineer and having trouble learning python or don't know how to start learning python then this post will help and guide you to learn python in just 50 days. I'll also mention some best websites from where you can take help.



Dear Stemians:
I hope you are all fine and doing well with the grace of Allah Almaighty who is the most beneficial and merciful to us.Today i am going to share the tutorial post on the earning app which is known as "pakistan real cash".



Assalamualaikum every one.Hope all of you will be fine and enjoying the good health.Today I am here with you to share my knowledge about another interesting topic of IT field.



Hello steem infinity zone!
Welcome back to my blog, most times software engineering and software development tends to be difficult to understand the disparity between them but which I will be writing on it in this blog.


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Congratulations to all winner's...keep it up

Congratulations to all the winner's..

Congratulations all winners members. Keep adding your quality content. You are doing well. Keep growing with steem.

Thanks a lot for selecting me in TOP 5. And thanks to all who congrats us

Congratulations to all selected top posts.

Thanks, for selecting me in the top five.

Congratulations to the winners

Congratulations to all members....
My best wishes for you.