Club 5050 - Top 5 Picks in SIZ | 2nd November 2021

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Hello Steemians!!!
This is @safarizwan. I have learnt a basic, key difference about three most popular programming languages, so I write this blog to share it with you all. let enjoys and learns new things.



>I hope all of you good and doing great In Life . In the month of October I participated 4 times in #club5050 .it's a great initiative from the steemit to balance the eco sysmen of demand and supply . It's good step from @sc01, @sc02 .



Assalam-O-Alaikum & hello beautiful Steem family! 😊 I'm fine Alhamdulillah! I hope all of you are fine by the grace of almighty Allah😇. I'm here with a tutorial, a tutorial that is the need for all of you, so without wasting the time let's move on toward the topic.



Introduction to Computer Networking
Computer network is basically a virtual telecommunications community which permits the nodes to allocate sources. A computer network have to be a set of or more than two computers, printers & nodes with the intention to transmit or obtain facts through stressed out media like copper cable or optic cable or wireless media like wifi.



Today I am sharing with you how to make promotional t-shirts caps and and cups for promotional activities. Promotional activities for different contest.
So, let's me tell you.


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Thanks SIZ for selecting my post.😀

Thank you so much for selecting my post.

Congratulations all selective best author of the day. Keep sharing your quality content with us. Keep growing with steem.

Congrats to all


Congratulations to all selected top posts.