Club 5050 - Top 5 Picks in SIZ | 1st November 2021

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We appreciate all the members of the community for adding value to the community and choosing Steem Infinity Zone

You received a good vote from @siz-official that is the community curation account. Keep the good work up, we will try to give you full support.

We are picking Daily Top 5 Posts from our talented and quality content creators.





First of all I would like to thank this @siz-official community. And specially thank to community @cryptokraz , Who those built such a platform. In which all the people are moving towards progress with success.



>It's important to note that you can't use the tag #club5050 untill or unless you have powered up more than or at least half the amount you cash out within 7 days. I've already joined the club 5050. I am waiting to get more Steem / SBD but getting less Steem that's why not able to do a big one. Anyways, I set my post 100% powerup as well a few months later but when I calculated I was not getting much steem



I am really thankful to all the active members of SIZ who are bringing their friends to SIZ Community. You can participate in the contest Refer A Friend where you can win Steem prizes by bringing your friends to SIZ communit



I hope all will be form of the goodness and all will be happy and enjoying your life by the grace of Allah and i am also fine and happy by the grace of Allah almighty.
Now i am again showing commitment to #club5050 as a SIZ moderator in which i used my half weekly earning for power up and half used for cash out or withdrawa



|| 20% Pay Out To @siz-official ||
Specially Thanks for @siz-official Community. And Sir @cryptokraze Always Support and Appreciate. And if, we

doing a Good work, Than Always Try to appreciate for us. And told us that what we did mistakes. Again Bundle of Thanks Sir @cryptokraze.


Congratulations to all Authors in Top Picks


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Thanks a lot for selected my post Top 5.
Again Thanks Sir.

Regards! @arslanaj

Congratulations to all other members who selected as a top author of the day in this wonderful community is called steem infinity zone.
Thanks SIZ for selecting me.