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In this new opportunity I am here to tell you some tips that come to my mind to increase the success in our way as Steemian. Surely, you have already read very good information about some qualities or behavior that users should have to increase the chances of getting support, also I guess you have already read some guides or tutorials on things you should not do as "plagiarism" and cross-posting in different communities.

The following information is dedicated to those people who are not new and have some way to go in Steemit, but are not totally happy or rather feel a bit ignored, although if you are new and are reading this I want to invite you to read a special guide I prepared some time ago about how to start in steemit, but it is not updated with the club5050 information, so you should research about it to be able to understand.

How to get started in STEEMIT (Tips and guide)

As I was telling you I will be sharing "in my experience" the things you should know to increase your chances of getting support. Although it is important to stress that support or upvotes are "never" guaranteed.

#club5050, #club75, #club100

Being in these clubs has become the most fundamental and necessary for users who post organically on a daily basis and are looking for rewards from the Steemit support team (steemcurator and booming). If you are not in any of these clubs "possibly" you will not be able to receive support from the support accounts. If you still don't know about it I invite you to read information about it in the following links:

Club5050 Official Rules by steemitblog
Explanation of new #Club5050 rules by saracampero
How to use Steemworld.org to know our transfer history and calculate our commitment to Steemit?

Steemit Crypto Academy

If you are one of those people who only post daily, join contests, and have invented everything in search of rewards without getting good results and feel sad and dissatisfied, well, surely you have not yet met Steemit cryptoacademy.

This community is the most brilliant of all Steemit, where the most important and academic project is executed for the users where they have the opportunity to learn from scratch or basic about the cryptographic world and get good "very good" rewards for doing the tasks designated in each course.

Note, if you read, solve, research, and share the tasks of each class you "can" get good rewards per week, because each week there are a few classes and tasks available according to the level (beginner, intermediate, and advanced) and you can participate in each level according to your reputation and Steem Power. So I recommend you to do some research on the topic at the following link and follow @steemitblog to be aware of any updates:

Steemit Crypto Academy Update [ November 11th, 2021 ] - Season 5 : New Professors & Rule Changes

In conclusion, if you have a good reputation level and Steem power and you can agree to participate in the advanced courses "just like me" easily you could make yourself some good rewards per week, since, you can perform all the tasks of the week and of each level (beginner, intermediate, and advanced) and this would surely help you to increase your income in rewards and grow faster thanks to the growth strategy of club5050. In other words:

  • If you are new and can only access the induction contests "participate and do the assignments in these courses (10)" you will have the possibility to earn rewards and quickly increase your SP and reputation to advance.

  • If you can access the beginner courses you will only be able to participate in two courses per week, if everything goes well you could receive a positive vote on each task you do (2 per week) this certainly helps.

  • If you can access the intermediate courses you will have the opportunity to participate in two "2" more courses that is, four "4" courses per week (2 beginner and 2 intermediate) then if you do everything right you will have the possibility to receive 1 vote for each assignment (4 per week) this certainly helps a lot more.

  • If you can access the advanced courses you will have the opportunity to participate in 2 more courses that is, six "6" courses per week (2 beginner, 2 intermediate, and 2 advanced) then if you do everything right you will be able to receive 1 vote for each task (6 per week) without a doubt this is the maximum.

I hope you are understanding me, as participating in the crypto academy is the first advice I always give and "obviously" being part of the #club5050 at least..

Participate in different communities

As you may already know there are many communities (communities of countries, or any specific topic), of which some (at least 30) are supported by booming accounts either by a quota of 5 votes or 3 votes each day. To find out which are the communities with this support for the month of December just go to the following link and follow the account @steemitblog to keep up to date with every update.

Booming Support for Communities - December

Most of these communities recommend users for booming support either by specific topic of the day, contests, or best posts of the day, ideally the best posts of the day.

There are also some communities that of those 5 daily votes only use 3 or 4 for users and the rest are used for moderators or community accounts, reducing the chances for users to get rewards even though they already require a % of beneficiary in their publications.

Some administrators or moderators only care about their community "community account" and positive numbers that make them stand out in the eyes of others, this is evident in communities where out of 5 booming votes they only use 3 votes for the user, that is, they don't care if the user earns rewards or not. Well, but don't worry there are still people like me with a good heart who constantly give the best guidance for users to succeed.

So far you should know the above mentioned, but there is one thing you probably don't know or haven't been told, as one of the rules for booming support is that communities can only recommend the same user two (2) times per week, but most of them adopt the option of only recommending the user once per week in order to support more users. So let's look at the following example:

Let's suppose that Maria participates every day in the Steem Music community, that is, Maria shared only in that community her 7 posts per week, then as explained how many booming votes could Maria receive in the week thanks to that community? 1 single vote right?

So, we see Maria rambling sadly because she has no luck and receives no support. And what do you think, knowing everything I said before, what would you do?

Every month there are many communities with booming support, but if you have a favorite and loved community where you don't want to stop posting, then post more posts per day and you can add more posts to your favorite community and participate in other communities to increase the chances of getting support.

My recommendation:

Create an organized strategy to publish a week in different communities, because if you are a really good author you will surely be able to get support from booming every day.

For example:

Maria likes to post food recipes every day, so to increase her chances of receiving support she should share her recipes in different communities.

  • Monday's recipe in one community.
  • Tuesday's recipe in another community.
  • Wednesday's recipe in another community.

And so on and so forth, I'm sure there will be enough communities where you can share your posts every day. Obviously, not saying that you stop being faithful to your favorite community, but if you originate more content for other communities.

If you combine this information (club5050, cryptoacademy, and posting in different communities) with the things you already know or should know, you will surely be more successful and be able to accumulate more rewards.

I think that's all for today, I have already shared important things that will surely help you to increase the chances of receiving support from the support accounts, do not forget that it is essential to be part of any club (club5050, club75, club100) because without this, sadly the support accounts will not be able to support you. And above all "never lose faith" and always think positive!

This publication was specially prepared for all the women who make life in this community "SIZ" at the request of favor of dear @cryptokraze, and obviously for all the people who are reading this.

Thank you very much for coming to enjoy my blog, I hope you liked it and come back soon. Until next time ❤️


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Grupo de Whatsapp mujeres Venezolanas o de habla hispana: 160 Miembros

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Congratulations on being a winner in the Steemit Awards 2021...

Congratulations on the great achievement my sister @saracampero, you are a great female Steemian figure and never give up. You are also very creative and your content has high artistic value.

I love your creativity, especially in promoting #Steem and #Steemit in Venezuela. I learned a lot from you to stay optimistic and maintain consistency in the Steem community. So I also slightly imitated your style in promoting in my country Indonesia. Warm greetings to you, sis @saracampero.

Dear @steemcurator01, I'm still here, I and several active posters in Indonesia are still promoting #steemexclusive content. We also joined #Club5050 a few months ago, but we haven't received any positive comments from you. If you don't mind, can you reconsider?

Saludos amiga @Saracampero.

Me parece unas excelentes recomendaciones para los usuarios, siempre es importante tener una buena estrategia de participación en las diferentes comunidades de Steemit, pero debemos tener en cuenta cumplir con el #club5050, #club75 o el #club100 para aumentar las posibilidades de apoyo.

Por otro lado, debemos presentar un estilo propio, nada de copiarse de los comando que otros utilizan y de la forma de organizar sus contenidos. Debemos ser constantes, publicar cada día, participar en las diferentes dinámicas permitirá aumentar las posibilidades de recibir apoyo.

Si tiene una buena cantidad de Steem Power, delegarlo para apoyar a la comunidad y de ésta forma, buscar mejorar el apoyo a recibir.

Por último, es importante que los usuarios se integren a través de sus comentarios y votos a una comunidad, permitiendo ser reconocido y valorado según la participación que se tenga.

Agradezco que hayas compartido para beneficio de todos.

Thank You @saracampero for making this special post in SIZ. It is highly appreciated and I am sure it will help many women in SIZ community to learn from your worthy tips.

Keep up the Good Work

Amazing post. And it would help us greatly. Again thanks a lot. I read out your post completely. In fact, I made a plan that now what should I do. And I will follow it

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Hola Sarita, muy importante el consejo, que gran orientación nos brindas este día, se que me ayudara mucho tu orientación basada en la experiencia, que lindo es encontrar una gran persona exitosa que sin egoísmo transmite sus conocimientos. Dios te bendiga mas y muy bien merecido tu premio en los Steemit Awards, Felicidades!!

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