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In the name of Allah the most benificient the most merciful.

Assalamualaikum my steemit friends. I hope all of you will be fine. After a very busy week today I am feeling relax and got some time to share dairy with my steem fellows. The day started by offerig Fajar parayer.

Due to fever I was not feeling well so I took leave from school. And after prayer I again went to bed.
My husband prepare breakfast for us. I had breakfast took medicine and again go to bed. At 12:00 I Wake up. Now I was fine. I started doing some household chores.
Press some clothes.


Enjoy the tea and snacks at 4:00. My son M.Abdullah make good tea.


Today is my wedding anniversary. We plan to have dinner at a famous restaurant in Sahiwal Namkeen Dara.

We reached there at 7:00 pm.


We ordered krahi. The taste was pretty good. The sitting environment is also very appealing. We enjoyed a lot there . The taste and hygiene of Dara Namkeen is superb. I suggest my steemit fellows who live in Sahiwal or nearby to do visit this place.

At 9:00 we returned home. I watch the dram serial Fasaq at Geo TV .



Thanks for your time.
Special mention to,
and thanks to all the siz team for support.

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Thanks for sharing your quality content with us

My pleasure 🥰

Good weekend dear friend thanks for sharing your great weekend activities with our steem fellows.


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