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I hope you are all well and good and know i want to share features kf obnect-oriented programming and know you liking my post.

Features of Object-oriented programming


Following are a few capabilities of item-Oriented programming:


OOP presents the power of programming primarily based totally on gadgets.Objects is an entity that includes facts and features.


Classes are designs to create gadgets.OOP presents facility to layout instructions to create one of a kind gadgets. Properties and features of gadgets are laid out in instructions.

Real-international Modeling:

OOP is primarily based totally on actual-international modeling.As in actual international,matters have houses and running abilities.Similarly,gadgets have facts and features.Data represents houses and features constitute running of gadgets.


OOP presents methods to reuse facts and code.


Is a way that lets in a programmer to apply code of current application to create new programs.


OOP lets in the programmer to cover essential facts from the person.It is executed through encapsulation.
Polymorphism is an cappotential of an item to act in a couple of methods.


C++ is an item-orientated language. It changed into evolved in 1980 at Bell Laboratories. It is an advanced model of C language.It presents the power of running with gadgets and instructions.It could be very effective language and is used to expand plenty of programs.



Java is a high-degree language.It changed into designed through Sun Microsystems.It changed into in most cases evolved to govern the microprocessors used jn VCR,toasters and cable receivers etc.It presents effective abilities of community programming, Internet programs and graphical person interface (GUI)


I hope you enjoying my post.

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