SIZ Education | Extraordinary compatibility of superfluid (helium) and superconductors

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Helium - A SUPERFLUID Element

This picture shows liquid helium is placed in a glass jar and dripping liquid helium from the glass jar. Helium is reduced to superfluid when it is brought up to just two degrees above absolute temperature to reduce its temperature. In this condition, the liquid does not have viscosity, so it can move around any surface country without any hindrance. As can be seen in the picture, the level of helium is below the glass, but it flows unimpeded on the surface of the glass and moves to the outer surface of the container, and the helium screen attached to the glass surface becomes a droplet shape on the floor under the influence of gravity. It is possible to create a permanent fountain by utilizing this religion of superfluid or overflow.

Similar characteristics can be observed in the case of superconductors or superconductors. When an electric current is applied to a part of a ring-shaped superconductor, it circulates permanently in that ring. The ordinary conductor has a slight resistance, so the electric current collides with the atoms of the conductor and heats up, and the electric current is somewhat reduced. But the superconductor has no electrical resistance so there is no collision inside the conductor and no heat is generated. As a result, there is no loss of electrical current.

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