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I am well by the grace of Allah and i hope you are all well and good. Today i thought that i wil share about knowledge of language processor because its very important in our daily life because when a person not understand the language of other its help him for understand this. And i hope you understand my today post and enjoy it.

Language processor.

Computer understands only machine language. program written in high-level or assembly language cannot be run on a computer directly. It must be converted into machine language as a whole. A program written in high-level language or assembly language cannot be run on a computer directly.It must be converted into machine language before execution.Language processor or translator is a software that converts these programs into machine language.Every computer language has its own translators.


Different types of language processors as follows:


A compiler is a program that converts the instructions of a high level language into machine language as a whole. A program written in high-level language is called source program. Compiler converts source program into machine code known as object program.
The compiler checks each statement in the source program and generates machine instructions. Compiler also checks syntax errors in the program. A source program containing an error cannot be compiled.
A compiled can translate the programs of only that language for which it is written.
For example C compiler can translate only those programs that are written in C language.



An interpreter is a program that converts one statement of a program at one time.It executes this statement before translating the next statement of the source program. If there is an error in the statements, the interpreter stops working and displays an errors message.
The advantage of interpreter is that it is not very efficient. The interpretation does not produce an object program. It must convert the program each time it is executed. Visual Basic uses interpreter.


An assembly js translating program that translates the instructions of a assembly language into machine language.


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