#Club 75 | Siz-Education| 📱 How to run fast speed hang or slow android phone 📱 | 10% benefiseries of @siz-official | by @doctorstrips

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Assalamu Alaikum,

Greetings and best wishes to all Steemian friends.
I hope you are doing very well and living a beautiful life.
I am also very well with your prayers, Alhamdulillah.

Also best wishes and congratulations to all the authorities of my favorite community Steem Infinity Zone Community.


Friends, today I want to share with you in the category of education in this community....

#Club75 | Siz-Education| 📱 How to run fast speed hang or slow android phone 📱 | 10% benefiseries of @siz-official | by @doctorstrips

I hope everyone will like this day very much, so start without delay.

Friends In the current age of science and technology and in this online age, there are very few people who do not have an Android phone or smartphone.


With the android phone in our hands, we are usually all engaged online, some have made money, some are enjoying, some are sharing different experiences, some are gaining knowledge online.

But if this phone hangs in our vengeance or how we can't work during work and it is so slow activities, how does it feel so bad and annoying?

Every Android phone has a certain RAM and ROM and that can be powered by it but we use fonts for a long time which results in lack of RAM and ROM is full by data for which our phone speeds slow or hang.

However, there is a solution to this, so we have sent today a few settings about the solution to show that if you read the settings, our phone will not hang or the speed will be very fast.

With a few settings we will clear the ROM and RAM data of the phone which will run fast speed.

⚙️ First Settings ⚙️

For this, first we will click play store application it on Android phone.


Then the interface will come. Here we will click on our email account like the picture below


Then in the interface that will come up, we will find some options. Among the options, what will we do with the red dotted settings option like the picture below?


Then we will click on the Network Performance option in the red screen in the screenshot below.


Then from the interface that will come, there is an option to click on Auto Update Apps Notice in the photo in below.


After clicking there, you will get three options like the picture below. Of these three options, confirm the option and after clicking on the don't auto-update apps option, click on the button below.


We got our first settings because here we don't auto update because if we have auto-update a lot of data has been consumed and the data is stored on the phone and the phone will not hang.

⚙️Second Settings ⚙️

To do the second and third settings, we will click on the settings application of our Android phone.


After clicking on the phone settings application, we will see an interface like the picture below. There we will click on the Apps and notifications option


After clicking on the Apps and notification option , you will get one of the applications and that we use and installed like the picture below.


In this apps lists to install on my phone has 60 apps that I use but we will check up the most used apps.

We know which apps we use the most.Using this, a lot of data is equal in the apps, so the phone hangs or slow.

To clear the data of all the apps, we will click on those apps below picture. I first click YouTube apps.


After clicking on the YouTube apps, the interface will be like the picture above. Here we will click on the students option then an interface like the picture below will come.


See in red mark in the picture above Data is User Data 210 MB and Catche Data 558 MB. How many MB is stored here.

To clear it, we will click on the Clear Storage button above, that is in the red arrow head.


After clicking on the Clear Storage button, a notification like the picture above will appear. Here we will click on the OK button.

Then after clearing an interface like the picture below will come, it means that our YouTube app is completely clear and we have cleared a lot of data.


Notice in the image above that the data of YouTube is all clear and 186 MB. This is the data of the original YouTube apps.

This way we will clear all the apps that have a lot of data stored in the app will check and clear the clock.

⚙️Third Settings ⚙️

We will back up the third settings and the latest settings in that settings application.

Bekhudi will come and click on the accounts option like the picture below.


Now after clicking on the option we will get an interface like the picture below

Here we see below option Automatically Sync Data .
The option is on.
The option selected Off.
If you turn it off, the new data will not be added.


Our phone will be very fast how to easily make the days beautiful by these settings .

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I am Md Nayeb Ali,
High school teacher.
LMAF doctor.
A YouTuber.
Web Designer and Blogger.
Roof garden, photography, video, public service and travel are my favorite hobbies.


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Noce tutorial dear friend thank you for sharing this kind information with us.

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