SIZ Talent Hunt | Contest to Find Talented Individuals on Steemit Platform | 100 Steem Prize Pool

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It is great to see that Steem Infinity Zone (SIZ) is growing day by day and we have crossed +400 subscribers in a short span of time. In this context, SIZ is taking the initiative to find some seriously talented individuals in the community.

We know that many people on steemit have some great individual talents and it is one of the missions of Steem Infinity Zone (SIZ) to find such talent and support them through our platform. This will provide an opportunity to have seriously talented people adding valuable content to steem blockchain.

It is very important to appreciate the talent of such individuals who have great skills that are practical in life and add value to your life. It would be a great idea to have such individuals in the community and motivate them to share their valuable knowledge & skills with their fellow community members.


SIZ Talent Hunt is a Contest where we will allow everyone on the whole steemit platform to showcase their individual talents and skills. To make it more competitive, we have set 100 Steem Reward Pool. Show us your talent and get a chance to win Steem from this Reward Pool.

In addition to prizes, we will add talented individuals to SIZ Experts Panel that will be making training tutorials/guides and sharing valuable content in Steem Infinity Zone (SIZ). SIZ Experts will get additional support and rewards for their efforts.

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How to Participate in this Contest ?

You should subscribe and make a new post in our community Steem Infinity Zone (SIZ). Your Post must have these parts.

1 - Post Title

  • Your Post Title can be anything but you should add these words "SIZ Talent Hunt"

2 – Post Contents

  • Post 01 tutorial or step-by-step guide on any topic you have good knowledge and command

  • You can share informative and valuable content in your area of expertise as well

  • Your post must be original and not plagiarized.

  • If you are taking any reference material from another source, full reference should be provided

  • There are no restrictions on topic selection and you can write on any topic you want.

  • You can write in any language you prefer.

  • At the end of your post, tell us how you can Benefit SIZ community with your talent and skills

  • SIZ will add you to Experts Trainers Panel if you have solid skill and support you in every best possible way

3 - Tags

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Eligibility Criteria
In order to be eligible for this contest, you must follow these rules.

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100 Steem in Prizes

We encourage you to make a great post with original and valuable content.

Top 3 Best Posts will get the following rewards

  • 1st Place : 25 Steem

  • 2nd Place : 15 Steem

  • 3rd Place : 10 Steem

  • Motivation Prizes
    To encourage maximum participants we will be giving away 10 prizes of 5 Steem each to individuals having some great skills.

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You can post your entries upto next Monday till midnight to be eligible.
Best Wishes to everyone

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Special Invitation

I would like to invite @pennsif who is keeping track of all the contests on steemit platform. I hope you will find this contest interesting and we can do it at a global level if Steem Team likes this idea. This will definitely provide an opportunity to have seriously talented people adding valuable content to steem blockchain.

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  ·  last year (edited)

Wow, it's a huge price pool contest. Best of luck @cryptokraze for you and for your community. No I'm searching have I any talent to win the contest 🤔

You have many talents. You only have to sort and show us your best one :)

Thank you so much you always encouraged me 😊

Yeah i would try this


Every participant must resteem this post and include his entry post link in comments section.

Than You
SIZ Team

I never participated a contest of such a huge prize pool!!

We want serious talent to show their skills so it can ultimately add value to steem platform.

Prizes are motivation. The real prize will be the addition of quality content on platform.

You are right indeed

Approved ✔️

interesting contest

cc: @podanrj , @naufal , myself :D

All of you are most welcome

menariquee, yok gas

إن شاء الله
Thanks sir @cryptokraze ..

I am waiting for your entry

Thanks for participating in SIZ Contest

Your entry is approved.

My participation in this great contest

A big appreciation to @cryptokraze for this wonderful contest.

Approved ✔️

Thank you so much. I really appreciate your approval

Thanks for participating

Your entry is approved

Really excited to take part in this contest

It's superb, I love to participate in this contest but first I thanks @cryptokraze for such a nice and helpful post.

It is a good initiative for beginners. Sure I will participate with my next Tutorial

Insha'Allah Hum acha kaam show kerwaen gy

Very Informative. Highly appreciated your work.As you have shared such a useful information.

Thank you so much for this great contest and you have a great talent Sir and I like your talent.

Congratulations...!!! You Got Upvote 100%
By: PromoSteem Community

Alternative links delegates to

Hello Admin @cryptokraze
This is my contest submission link

SIZ Talent Hunt Contest // By: @ononiwujoel

Thank you for participating in SIZ Contest.

Your Entry is Approved.

Thank you

Thanks for Participating

You Entry is Approved

My entry in siz talent hunt great contest.i hope are enjoying this contest.thanks

Thanks for Participating

You Entry is Approved

Yes sir i also participate in this contest
Thanks for this contest

Approved ✔️

Respected sir Mr @cryptokraze this is my entry. And i hope you will support me as usual. And i shall try to my best. Thanks

Approved ✔️


Thank you for participating in SIZ Contest.

Your Entry is Approved.

Thanks the @siz-official.

thanks to cryptocraze for such good platform.

I will also participate in this contest.Thanks a lot for this amazing contest.

It's a great prize value. I hope we learn many useful things also

Amazing!Its a wonderful idea to show our hidden talent.I will try my best.

  ·  last year (edited)

Thanks Mr. @cryptokraze to give a chance to show the great talent in every man Which he has hidden within himself. Of course everyone can show their talent in the best way in your community. I shall try my best to show my own talent

Thanks for Participating in SIZ Contest

You Entry is Approved

Thanks for Participating

You Entry is Approved

Thank You !!!!

Thanks for Participating

You Entry is Approved

Thanks for Participating in SIZ Contest

You Entry is Approved

Your entry is approved ✔️

Thank you

I will participate in this contest

Insha'Allah I participate in this contest and win prize

Thank you for participating.

your entry is approved

As usual your every contest is informative. I will also participate in this contest.

Thanks for Participating

You Entry is Approved

we can do best in this community.
Thanks sir for making this contest.

informative and interesting .sir @cryptocraze keep it up

Such activities will continue to inspire us. Thank you very much.


  ·  last year (edited)

hy sir @cryptokraze .will try to bring my talent in front of everyone and I hope everyone will like it..inshallah

  ·  last year (edited)

InshaAllah sir we will try our best and to succeed.

Hum is contest ma hisa len gy Insha'Allah Or kamyab hon gy

thanks sir for making this contest

It's a great way to show off our skills.
We will do our best to take part in it

Hey, i have a little suggestion for you. I witness that you are doing great but a little mistake can ruin everything here.

Please refrain from mentioning steemcurators and steemitblog.
I thought as a CR it's an obligatory task for me to let my members and friends know about it.

Yours, Haidermehdi.
Country Representative Pakistan

This is the 1st time I mentioned them'

I am not mentioning them anywhere.

I will edit and remove the mention

Yeah alright :)

Happy to get a satisfactory response from you😊 Many people start fighting :(

Thankyou for understanding.

Haha. I can understand

I am mature enough to understand. You will see more value in coming days.

I mentioned them because I want to know their opinions on this contest to make it global.

There are no wrong intentions by me. I am sponsoring these contests in goodwill to steem platform.

Supporting newbie and talented people is one of my mission in SIZ.


Shukkria sir mr @cryptokraze apny apni community my apna talent show krwany moka fraham kiya
And i shall try to my best.

Best of luck

your entry is approved

Thank you very much.

Thank you for this information and I will definitely participate in this contest.

My participation for the contest.

Python language | "SIZ Talent Hunt"

Thanks for participating in SIZ Contest

Your Entry is Approved

Good post

The Contest is closed.

Winners will be announced today

Thank you all for participating.

I would like to avail this chance

i would participate in next one this is such a great platform

Humm it is glad to see a contest like this i will try to participiate in this contest but after my first post