Refer A Friend | Contest #30 | Win Daily Steem Prizes (228 Steem Distributed till Date)

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I am really thankful to all the active members of SIZ who are bringing their friends to SIZ Community. You can participate in the contest Refer A Friend where you can win Steem prizes by bringing your friends to SIZ community.

80% of Post Payout goes to @siz-official

Contest #30 is Open Now

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The idea behind this contest is to get more people joining SIZ community from different parts of the world. So you can refer your steemit friends who are sharing content already as well as bring new people to steemit platform.

This contest is different in terms that you don't need to make a separate post. You have to refer your friend by getting them subscribed to Steem Infinity Zone. You need to tag your friend steemit username in the comments section of the contest post.

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How to Participate in this Contest ?

1 - You must upvote and resteem this contest post.

2 - You should tell your friend about the Vision and purpose of SIZ community so that they understand this community is about educating others to bring value to their life.

3 - You must tag username of your friends in the comment section for a valid entry.

4 - The person you are referring should subscribe to SIZ community. Already subscribed members usernames cannot be used for entry.

5 - Your friend must also make a comment telling us that he has joined SIZ Community.

6 - The person you are referring must have reputation of 30 or above.

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Rules and Regulations

  • Only those entries will be accepted where new members will be subscribing SIZ.
  • You can only make one entry per day and maximum 2 people can be referred in that entry.
  • The person you are referring must have reputation of 30 or above.
  • Your friend must subscribe Steem Infinity Zone Community.
  • The Contest time will be closed when new contest post is published.
  • You will get 1 Steem as prize per friend Referred if all the requirements are fulfilled.
  • Prizes will be transferred to winners through @siz-rewards within 24 hours of the winners announcement.

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Winners for Contest # 29

  • We have 6 valid entries in Contest #29 - Refer A Friend where 8 new members joined Steem Infinity Zone Community.
  • We are distributing prize of 1 Steem for adding each new member to SIZ community.
  • Congratulations to all the Winners and your rewards will be transferred to your wallets from @siz-rewards.
Winner NamePrize
@mrsfurqan2 Steem
@skinnygirl2 Steem
@steemdoctor11 Steem
@ronaqali1 Steem
@qadeer711 Steem
@naeem971 Steem

Let's Win Together with SIZ

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We are also very thankful to Steemit team for supporting our community and hope you will like this effort to bring new members from different countries joining SIZ community

This contest is designed to increase engagement and grow the community, 80% of all contests posts Payout will go to @siz-official

Special Thanks to @stephenkendal and @steemchiller for the support

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Publisher : @cryptokraze
Discords : FxKraze#2451
Telegram : @FxKraze
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I would like to invite @inamullahali in this amazing and creative comunity.

thanks bro

The Vision and purpose of SIZ community is about educating others so as to bring value to their life. So I be using this opportunity to invite @echamroland to subscribe to this beautiful Community

Wow what a great community for someone to learn and grow more I so much thank @oniza for inviting me to this community because I have already started learning a lot already because the fact that someone can invite another friend to the community already shows togetherness and family spirit I will also like to invite my friends @sandy654 and @blaisebass1 to also join this great community

I invited @zealyakub and @mamun6 to this community since it helps to empower the youth. Please reply with done after you have subscribed.


Thank you very much. You are welcomed to this wonderful community.

  ·  3 months ago (edited)

I would like to invite @aqib01 and @allahditta1 . plz subscribe this amazing community. This is the place where you can share anything which you know ,and that can help anyone. Actullay this is a place to educate people.

Thankas @farisg for inviting me.

Thanks. @farisg for inviting me

The vision of this community is to educate people and create awareness on Steemit. I will really like to invite, @drumblac , @boradofx and @tebohfaith to join this community and u won't regret it

I invite @kingbow to join this community and get éducative

I would like to invite @alihaider1, @aqib01, @danhyelita24 to join this community, subscribe the community and reply done in the comments section.


Thank you so much @cryptokraze for this wonderful award.

I invite my friends @orinoquense and @jhellenmjgr, to subscribe to Steem Infinity Zone Community, where you can post in order to educate others through Tutorials and Technology Courses, providing positive value to our lives.

In this LINK are the guidelines of the contents that you can publish in this Community.

Once you subscribe, leave your comment on this post.

I wish you a lot of success!

Hi Anny

Thank you for this invitation. I have already joined this community.

See you there.


Hi dear @steemitmylife1 join infinity zone and say okk.

Okk dear

i would like to invite the @ahtashamch456 and @alisial in this amazing community

thanks a lot to inform me about this great community

thank you very much brother

I would like to invite @adil69 and @luckybhai ,plz subsribe this community and make a comment there that you have subscribe this community.
This community is specialized for educational purpose .

Thanks you @ahmadg because invited me the great community Steem Infinity Zone I'm so happy...

Thanks you sir @ahmadg I'm your big fan and thanks for inviting me and guide me wow 😲

I will invite @dani303 and @qamar ,plz subscribe this community ,this community is a platform were you can educate peple ,.
Plz comment kr ke ye batain ke ap ne ye community subscribe kr li he

I will like to invite @superman0 @Naser11
Pleez subscribe this cumunity boys and leave comment in my this post . Love you guys.

I will like to invite @amirali14 and @arfan11. Do subsribe this amazing community. And make a comment that you have subscribe this community.

Thanks you so much @fizaashraf because add this community I'm so happy 😊😊😊😊

Thanks you because add me @fizaashraf

SIZ community is here to educate others so as to bring value to their lives. I therefore invite the following steemians to join SIZ.

Thanks for mentioning me but I have already subscribed

Okay i appreciate your response sir

😁thank you

U are welcome