1st SIZ Meetup | Plans Formed to Grow SIZ and Promote Steemit in Pakistan

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Dear SIZ Fellows,

It is giving me great pleasure to share about 1st SIZ meetup event that took place on Sunday. Steem Infinity Zone was established last month and we are growing with each day making lots of developments and initiatives to add value in Steem blockchain. We planned to organize a meetup event where SIZ members can come and share their ideas on how to grow further and promote steemit in Pakistan.

Location: SIZ Office Sahiwal

I am delighted to see the response from the members to join this event and we had a successful meetup. I am very thankful to all the participants who joined and sharing the highlights of the event for others so that they also get aware of the developments and plans we shared to grow SIZ and Promote Steemit in Pakistan.


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Key Highlights of Event

Starting with Welcome

The event was planned to start on 11:00 AM in Sahiwal and we started on time. It was great to see that 40+ people joined the session and there was lots of excitement among the members. The participants were welcomed by Founder of SIZ @cryptokraze and we started the proceedings.


Location: SIZ Office Sahiwal

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Vision and Mission of SIZ

We have clearly explained SIZ vision and mission in our introductory post about SIZ community but @cryptokraze started the event by explaining the vision and mission in detail to participants. We strongly feel the need of explaining the vision to participants so every member understands fully and plays his role with full responsibility.



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Promoting Steemit in Pakistan

One of the top mission of SIZ is to promote steemit in Pakistan and we discussed different ways of doing it in local areas. The idea of making city representatives was shared by @cryptokraze to the participants so that promotion activities can be handled and carried out to wider networks. Participants also shared different ideas on promoting in their local areas that were welcomed by the SIZ team.


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1st Batch of SIZ Experts

We have few SIZ Experts started their work in the community and they are the master of their field. When it comes to steemit, we need to show them the correct way of posting according to Steemit standards. They were given detailed briefing and guidance on how to make quality content and use titles according to SIZ guidance. Ideas from SIZ Experts were also welcomed to raise the standard on content quality in the community.


Location: SIZ Office Sahiwal

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SIZ Title Guide

As most of the members in SIZ are newcomers that have been recruited to steemit, so there was a need to show them the right way on using the titles correctly. They were explained in detail on how to write the titles according to the category of their contents. This will result in synchronization of community contents and will look more professional.


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SIZ Power UP Week

Powering Up steem is very important for Steem ecosystem and @cryptokraze informed all the participants that SIZ is going to have Power UP week where all the community members will be Powering UP their account SP. Official post will be made shortly and then all the members having steem in their account will start powering up for the #SPUD4Steem initiative.


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Question Answer Session

Towards the end of the session, we had a great engaging questions session, where participants asked their questions which were answered in detail by @cryptokraze. The engagement was so great and participants showed great interest in asking different things about Steem blockchain. The participants further requested to arrange such events regularly.


Location: SIZ Office Sahiwal

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Closing Event with Refreshment

At end of the event, @cryptokraze pay thanks to all the participants for joining the event and showed his commitment to organize such events in the future as well. Participants were served Lunch at closing that was totally enjoyed by all the participants. After that participants started taking photos with their friends to make this event memorable for them.


Location: SIZ Office Sahiwal

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This was SIZ 1st meetup and we have made plans for the growth of SIZ and promoting Steemit in Pakistan. I hope this will be appreciated by Steemit Team and @steemcurator01. I would like to invite all the Steem stakeholders specially @stephenkendal, @steemchiller, @pennsif to have a look at our 1st SIZ Meetup and give us ideas for the next meetup.

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  • In order to grow SIZ community official account, 50% of this Post Payout will go to @siz-official


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Steem Infinity Zone Team
@cryptokraze | @arie.steem | @qasimwaqar | @vvarishayy



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Publisher : @cryptokraze
Discords : FxKraze#2451
Telegram : @FxKraze
Twitter : https://twitter.com/fxkraze

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Mashallah. Keep hard working like this and be honest with your community. May Allah bless this community. Ameen

Jazak Allah. Thank you for your wishes

This is very impressive.

I am looking forward to following all the developments in SIZ.

Means a lot to have your eyes following SIZ.

I hope you have started to notice improvements on the suggestion you gave the other day.

Wr are very serious about Steem and will take more initiatives to make it one of the best communities on steemit.

fantastic, you work hard for the community, this post proves that what I said is true. My eyes are not wrong, before this community was born, I already knew if you were going to make a great movement. other communities can learn a lot from you. I really want to contribute a lot to siz, but I have to focus more on promosteem.
keep up the spirit and always do your best bro

Thank you bro for the appreciation.

I am sure your presence will benefit the community in long run.

SIZ is also taking the initiative of promosteem so we have 1 common mission.

SIZ is at very early days and we will be training many people that will be adding value to steem ecosystem in coming days.

Your work and dedication always Inspire me. You are doing great MashAllah. I hope everyone will powerup and boost the Steem.

Yes everyine will. I have announced SIZ Power UP week as well. Check that out.

The meetup was amazing. By discussing different ideas, different aspects about steemit with @crytokraze and other members, has clear all our confusions and make our way more errect and straight towards future activities.
I think we should do more meetups in future for sure.😊

We hope to see some great tutorials on Amazon from your side this week :)

  ·  last year (edited)

It's Just wow and amazing event and get cleared some key points about steemit apart of it . I'm feeling More motivated and more enthusiastic ,in short its energetic session
We friends met after one year and gossip 🤩 Then we go for shopping also 🛍 I enjoyed this day
We're keenly Waiting for next meet-up.
Thanks @Cryptokraze for this wonderful session

I am glad that things got clear and it will help you making great content in coming days. I hope you got some discounts on shopping :)

I always believe the words "learning never ends in One's life". By attending this informative and eductional session, i got learnt that how can we add value to our lives. The most interesting part of session was the promotion of steem. The ideas of promotion of steem shared by all the participants were awesome.
Thank you @cryptokraze for this successful session.

Exactly, we are confident that SIZ members will make the promotional activities in much better way now.

Thank you so much @cryptokraze its really great effort for us. its really hepful regarding right title as we are newcomer on this platform but with your guidance we are making good content and learning alot from you.Your efforts for this community for promting Steemit in pakistan is really amazing.May God bless you and our community grow day by day.

It is all about your dedication towards steem and you will be guiding newcomers one day. You will get success at steem with your talent.

I'm very thankful to you Mr, @cryptokraze
for this informative meet up.
That was very good and informative.
In session i cleared many things and problems about steemit.

And again i thankful to you for humble hospitality.

I hope it will help you make progress on steemit and promote it as well

This session will helps me in steemit promotion.
i will promote steemit.
Because it is very good platform.

great @cryptokraze you have a good idea to promoting the Steemit in Pakistan.
I like your great vision.

And also this is an informative post. Like about the titls.
Thank you

Lets promote steemit to everyone we can.

okay i will promote the STEEMIT on the different places.
like as (Facebook, Whatsapp, twitter, telegram etc)
i think you like my idea

Thanks a lot 😍 for arange 1st meetup of our Steem Infinity Zone community🤗
I have learned about future plans of our community and clear any type of doubt in mind about Steem and SIZ community
At end, i hope everyone enjoy the party😋
Thanks a lot for doing this effort😇

Thanks a lot sir

I hope you liked the plans and will take active part in promoting steemit.

Yes sure i will take active part in promoting steem.
InshaAllah,one day this community become top communities on steem🤠

Great. @cryptokraze you have a good idea to promoting the steemit pakistan.

Thanks for sharing your ideas.

You're doing great. You are pro leader, Feeling blessed having you as our Team leader .
Your ideas will go rocking

Thanks u so much sir for organizing such a fantastic and full of knowledge meeting for us.

Thanks u so much @cryptokraze sir for arranging this meeting for us and clearing many points .This meeting was very informative in which we learned a lot of ideas to promote steemit among other peoples , to power up and make our post attractive .We are proud you are our leader 😊 and we are part of your team 😊.Thanks for arranging a delicious lunch for us .

I am glad that your learnt many things from this session and we will continue doing such sessions

In sha Allah sir.

This session was needed I have a lot question how to make good post how to select good title and how to promote Steemit so this session cleared all my questions and all confusion thank you @cryptokraze for arranging this session and making everything clear and give us direction on this platform. Your hard work for SIZ is remarkable.

Aoa.this is very empressive sir MashaAllha

This is very important post for our power up week and better titles for posts.

Really appreciated your efforts to promote the vision of steemit in Pakistan. I m honored to have a member of this community. best of luck for your countless efforts

بہت ہی محنت کر رہے ہیں آپ نے بہٹ اچھا کام کیا ہے اپکا شکریہ کہ آپ نے ہمیں بھی سکھایا۔

It takes a hard working teacher to learn anything but you have our sense of hard work and you are supporting us in every way.

Very good support. Inshallah, I will get success very soon. I will write with you.

yes Definitely we will work hard for promote steemit. And May you also succeed more and more

Of course we learned a lot in this session and we also learned how to promote steemit to others. We've also learned how to make your post visible to others in this session. We have been taken out of all kinds of difficulties through this session and in the end we also had a party for us.

Masha Allah it is showing your efforts for #steemitinfinty sir

You are a very intelligent community administration, I hope you will develop the community soon.

  ·  last year (edited)

There is no doubt in my mind that I will not only enjoy the party but also meet the admin of the SIZ , and I have a chance to see him.
Through this meeting we have received a lot of information about growing Steemit.
we also learned a lot from other community members.
Thanks a lot @cryptokraze for organizing this amazing session.

  ·  last year (edited)

This is great initiative for all students learning I am new commer on this platform.

When I sign up in just 5 minutes with the help of crytokraze.

But when I make my first I spent more than 6 hours in selection of everything very difficult for me.

But Now with the help of this session everything become so easy and I learnt alot about post and out title.
Thank you so much @crytokraze not just introducing this platform to me but also giving guideline step by step everything no one can do that.