My Job / Occupation. Steemit participation challenge, week 4 by @sadiqxylo

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Hello Everyone…!!!


It is the final week of the season two of steemit engagement challenge and I’m here to present my entry on the contest topic "My Job" organized by the leaders of this great community. I’m a student and my presentation will be base on the life of a student.

My Life as a Student

I’m Abubakar Abdul-Salam but I’m known here as @sadiqxylo, a final year university student pursuing a degree in computer science at one of the universities in Ghana 🇬🇭.

My journey from first year to final year hasn’t been easy and not to talk of the constant traveling from home to campus every break and reopening. Aside that, I’m nonresidential student on campus and so I have to walk 3-4 miles from my hostel to campus, which is very stressful especially on sunny days.

Right from first year, I have been studying courses related to mathematics and statistics and during my first semester, we all studied English as a core to ease up our study since all courses are taken in English. The highest credit hours I have ever scheduled was 18 which was in my first year. It was actually seven courses and as I progress to second, third and final year, the courses per semester has reduced from seven to six and to five for my final semester in the university as a student studying de going computer science.

From day in day out as a student, I attend lectures starting from 7:00 am to sometime 8:00 pm. Maximum for a lecture is 2 hours and sometimes I can have three consecutive lectures which will be six hours. During these days on my schedule, I mostly don’t concentrate especially on the last 2 hour period.

During lectures with a friend

As a computer science student, most of our lectures are scheduled in the computer lab. Course like programming in the various languages are taken in the lab since it’s practice based. Also, computer hardware architecture as a course is practical based and can not be taken in the normal lecture halls unless in the lab.

lab session

As it can’t always be about studies, during the weekend we go out for refreshments, and the most place we usually go is the pool side. We go out to swim and have fun to refresh us for the coming weekdays. Sometimes we stay at the hostel playing video games.


After every semester we do write end of semester exams. Though it can sometimes be stressful but we always put up our best to stay focus and pass to continue our stay in the university.

Preparing for end of semester exams

Though being in school is very stressful but I still find time to create content on Steemit. I used to write my crypto assignment during free lessons and after the close of the daily schedule. Actually everything became easily when the pandemic 😷 started. We were asked to stay in our hostels due to the social distance restrictions and so I had ample time to do my assignments. When the pandemic was over, I went back to my usual style of writing during free lessons. I sometimes stay up till midnight for my crypto chart study since I also sometimes indulge in future leverage trading.

My Dream Job

Though I’m a student I will one day be employ for a daily job. Since childhood I have always wanted to be free, schedule my daily activities myself and not work under some one who always give orders to be followed. So I needed to choose a program that will earn me self employed and not keep me away from my family.

After high school, I did all my research and realized computer programmer will be a self employed job I have been dreaming about.

I will continue to pursue masters in programming after my degree in computer science to have full knowledge of coding and designing of computer programs like most of the richest men in the world. This will help me build a social life with my family and also create a lot of employment for other since I intend on building my own company like Bill Gates.

Computer programmer is my dream job and I’m doing all it takes to achieve that one day. I will like to invite @farhmade, @kasib07 and @abu78 to participate in this contest.

All the images in this article are taken with my phone

Thanks For Your Attention

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A computer science student with a great vision of the future. I hope you achieve each of your plans, and you can be your own boss.

It is good that in addition to your university activities, you have time to share with your friends and interact on the platform.

Thanks for your time.

As a student life is not always always easy, its the stress for success, i call it, it is important that we study and as a computer student in your finals you even need to put more hard work now than ever.

Chasing a masters career in programming will not be easy and i know you know that, but the brightest pastt is, if you plan to do something we make it happen and i am sure you will achieve your aim
Best of luck in your studies
A comment on my post will be appreciated

Yeah! I know pursuing a masters degree in programming won’t be easy but with perseverance I will surely achieve that.

Great ambition you have there buddy. Thank you for the invite as well. I wish you well in the contest.

Thanks buddy

Hola amigo, excelente estudiante , te entiendo que a veces es estresante las largas caminatas bajo el sol para llegar a tu campo de estudio, se que pronto te graduará y será unos de los mejores y podrás ejercer.

Que bueno saber que aún te queda tiempo para steemit.

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Yeah, the good thing is that I’m graduating very soon. Thanks for your time.

I will continue to pursue masters in programming after my degree in computer science to have full knowledge of coding and designing of computer programs

It’s good you’re thinking about your freedom and wanting to give jobs to others.

Yes, working for others can be frustrating. 4 years pursuing a degree has not been easy and I pray you’re able to finish hard.

Best of luck buddy.

Thanks for your time buddy.

I’m Abubakar Abdul-Salam but I’m known here as @sadiqxylo, a final year university student pursuing a degree in computer science at one of the universities in Ghana 🇬🇭.

Dear friend your degree is very good and I am happy to know that you are also a computer science student and I would like to tell you that I am also doing my degree in computer science. You have chosen a very good degree because we all know that this is the computer age and there is a great demand for your degree in this age. Finally I would like to express my best wishes to you and make a request to you that Please also visit my post which I uploaded three days ago. I hope you will come.

Greetings 🇵🇰

Thanks for your time.

You are welcome friend.