Nutbox Proposal for Rewarding Global Ambassador

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背景 Background


Global Ambassador项目自3月份启动以来,已经有5位新大使参与其中,两位来自委内瑞拉,一位来自中国,一位来自马来西亚,一位来自美国。经过5位大使的努力,正在有越来越多地区的人了解到Nutbox。


Since the development of Nutbox, Peanut’s TVL has reached 6 million USD and the market value has exceeded 4 million USD. The current results are closely related to the publicity and promotion of the ambassadors.

Since the launch of the Global Ambassador program in March, 5 new ambassadors have participated, 2 from Venezuela, 1 from China, 1 from Malaysia, and 1 from the United States. Through the efforts of 5 ambassadors, more and more people in the region are learning about Nutbox.

In order to encourage the contribution of the ambassador team, PNUT will be rewarded every month based on the work of the ambassadors. Hope that we will develop better in the future.

主要工作 Main Task


The following figure shows the work of the ambassador team in the first month and the number of PNUT application :


团队 Working team

  1. Steem ID:@abcallen
    Tron Address:TF35nWKRk8YtEyzTbyqbfeKmFZAwbqaRZZ
    PNUT(k): 5

  2. Steem ID:@bsfmalaysia
    Tron Address:TPnz69xHLvySMzQjXD2XVFh4seUS8GPjct
    PNUT(k): 6

  3. Steem ID:@ale.aristeguieta
    Tron Address:TQhe7ruXm96KfPBP3C5UdJpLU7n5Fijffv
    PNUT(k): 15

  4. Steem ID:@lnakuma
    Tron Address:TK8bgnZB5fsiZCnuE3pz4juAkWNdYFooEH
    PNUT(k): 5

  5. Steem ID:@sampraise
    Tron Address:TPtxQGdxSvPHGVFpDp9yPWacjnvKg6Z6gK
    PNUT(k): 3

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Excellent Nutbox team. I feel that it has been a first month of growth, expansion and learning. A month that allows us to see into the future and imagine where we can go if we continue working with the same constancy. I think it is a very good proposal that will reward work throughout the month, in addition to the articles that WhereIN supports about Nutbox, it will be a great incentive to continue developing strategies and actions that make Nutbox an increasingly large project.

Alejandro Aristeguieta
Junior Ambassador in Nutbox
CEO in Trading Capital - Outreach medium for decentralized investors in the new financial era on Steemit

  ·  last year 


Very happy to be among this great group, we will continue to grow and improve as we move forward. "The best is yet to come" 🙏

A very creative and positive group, glad to be part of it!

Good Job!

Netbox team is working in the community, I really appreciate whole team of @nitbox.mine