Importance of Citation of Sources When Writing

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Writing can suck. You have to research information from credible sources, create an outline, make your first draft, and organize your paper so that your points flow logically, then proofread, edit, and proofread again until the paper is error-free.
Before sending the completed paper, you also need to provide proper references. The whole writing process can be time-consuming and overwhelming especially when writing a lengthy paper.
The question: why should you bother providing citations for your paper?
This article shares several reasons why citation of sources is important when writing academic papers.
Before we talk about the importance of providing citations when writing, let’s learn something:

What Merits Cited?
As an academician myself with over 10 years of writing experience, one mistake I see authors making is lack of citations, improper citations, or including too many items in the citations.
As a general rule of thumb, what deserves to be cited includes every fact that’s not common knowledge. Take a look at this online MLA PDF citation generator to get a feel of what this means.
Authors should cite ideas or theories as well as direct quotes consulted from other publications.
Depending on the style guidelines, citations can include the author’s names, the title of publications or journals, date of publication, page numbers, etc.
That said, here are the reasons why citing sources is important when writing.

Citing Sources Makes You a Better Researcher
The qualities of good research involve attention to detail and being able to distinguish patterns and make connections.
Citation of sources encompasses many details like correct page numbers, the spelling of author names, accurately presenting facts.
The ability to spot trends prepares one to be a good researcher.

Good Citation Practices Makes You a Great Writer
Every author aspires to write a paper with compelling prose and content something that can be achieved through good attribution practices. Citing sources for the facts you present in your work improves your writing, intellectual thinking, etc. When you cite sources correctly, you make the reader easily understand your point. Besides, citation of sources allows you to use active language hence you don’t have to worry about not using the passive language.

Citations Make Your Work Easy to Verify
Any piece of academic work is scrutinized severally before it is finally published onto a website or printed. When you make proper citations, you simplify a reviewer’s; editor’s, or editorial assistant’s work since they can locate sources in the bibliography to ensure the citations are accurate.
This means that your work will receive minimal criticizing and rounds of editing.

Citing Sources Helps to Give Credit
When compiling a piece of writing, an author will use other scholars’ work, gather facts from reputable sources. It’s, therefore, an honorable thing to give credit to the original author.
Giving credit to the original author is in fact one of the reasons why authors are advised to provide citations of sources. This also helps to avoid plagiarism
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When you cite sources, you pay a small token to the original author or publication where you picked the information used in your piece of writing.
This way, anyone reading your document will be able to check out the original author’s work. This is a way to acknowledge their effort.
When done right, citation can help to improve writing.

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