哈希率增加了140艾哈什(Exahash),直到比特幣減半的6天。steemCreated with Sketch.

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比特幣哈希率每秒攀升超過140 Exahash

在2020年5月12日的一周時間內,BTC區塊鏈將經歷自2009年網絡成立以來的第三次區塊獎勵減半。該事件表明,發現區塊的礦工每區塊僅可獲得6.25 BTC。他們將在今天獲得12.5 BTC。儘管從現在起的7天之內收入減少了500,但礦工在前幾週內已經大大提高了處理能力。加密分析公司Glassnode週日透露,BTC鏈每秒洩漏140 exahash(EH / s),這是該網絡的歷史最高(ATH)。

In a week’s time on May 12, 2020, the BTC blockchain will experience the third block reward halving since the inception of the network back in 2009. The event implies that miners who find blocks will only get 6.25 BTC per block, as against the present 12.5 BTC they will obtain today. Despite the five hundred cut in revenue seven days from now, miners have increased processing power quite an bit within the previous couple of weeks. The crypto-analysis firm Glassnode revealed on Sunday that the BTC chain saw spill 140 exahash per second (EH/s), which is an all-time high (ATH) for the network.


市場價格還顯示,BTC值在4月30日飆升至每單位9,300美元,並一直保持在9,000美元以上,直到美國東部時間上午8點為止。自3月3日的第一個上午交易時段以來,價格一直徘徊在9000美元以下區域,但高於支撐位8500美元。自2017年12月17日在Bitstamp上的價值達到$ 19,600以來,BTC的總體哈希率增加了10倍。那時,哈希率僅為14EH / s,此後增長了935%。截至2019年10月,BTC的SHA256哈希率已超過100EH / s。週日的大量休假140EH / s並沒有持續很長時間,根據圖表的統計數據。Bitcoin.com顯示,週一的哈希率是110EH / s。

Market prices also show that BTC values spiked to $9,300 per unit on April 30 and stayed above the $9K range, up until Sunday at 8 a.m. EST. Since the first morning trading sessions on March 3, the worth has been hovering below the $9K area, but above the support at $8,500. BTC’s overall hashrate has increased 10X since the worth hit $19,600 on Bitstamp on December 17, 2017. At that point, the hashrate was only 14EH/s and it's since increased 935%. BTC’s SHA256 hashrate was over 100EH/s by the tip of October 2019. the numerous leave out 140EH/s on Sunday didn’t last very long and statistics from charts.Bitcoin.com show the hashrate is 110EH/s on Monday.



由於每週僅減半,所以加密貨幣的價格和哈希率是投資者在5月12日之前,之後和之後要關注的兩個主要統計數據。《美國新聞與世界報導》資深投資記者約翰·迪萬(John Divine)表示,減半可能是一個明顯的現象。與最近的刺激方案和法定命令形成對比。

“之前分別是2012年和2016年的一半,隨後是比特幣價格內的大幅上漲; Divine在5月4日給投資者的一份報告中解釋說,從本質上講,減半從本質上看好該加密貨幣,而下一個長期反彈可能會在下一個上漲之後出現。“ Bitcoin減半只是說明它獲得最多投資的一個原因。與像美元這樣的法定貨幣形成鮮​​明對比的是,僅美聯儲在2020年就創造了超過2萬億美元的比特幣呼吸量具有硬頂,從根本上不可能發生大規模稀釋事件。

Bitcoin Issuance a pointy Contrast to Fiat Currencies – Miners Hoarding
With the halving only every week away, the cryptocurrency’s price and hashrate are the 2 key statistics investors are going to be watching before, on, and after May 12. U.S. News & World Report senior investing reporter John Divine says the halving could be a stark contrast to the recent stimulus packages and fiat creation.
“Previous halvings, in 2012 and 2016, respectively, were followed by huge run-ups within the price of bitcoin; halvings are fundamentally bullish for the cryptocurrency and another long-term rally could follow this next one,” Divine explained during a note to investors on May 4. “Bitcoin halving simply illustrates one reason it's earned most investment. In sharp contrast to fiat currencies just like the U.S. dollar – over $2 trillion has been created by the Fed in 2020 alone – the amount of bitcoin breathing contains a hard cap, and mass dilution events are fundamentally impossible.”


Etoro分析師西蒙·彼得斯(Simon Peters)注意到,礦工似乎並未在減半之前出售其新鮮鑄造的原始比特幣。彼得斯(Peters)週一表示:“鏈上指標顯示,礦工總體上似乎在堅持其比特幣,而不是拋售。” “比特幣價格的上漲意味著礦工不必出售那麼多比特幣來隱藏運營成本。礦工的“抱負”也可能意味著隨著我們將區塊獎勵減半,他們將繼續進行激烈的戰鬥。”彼得斯總結道。

Etoro analyst Simon Peters has noticed that miners don't seem to be selling their freshly minted virgin bitcoins before the halving. “Onchain metrics show that miners as an entire seem to be holding on to their bitcoin at this point rather than selling,” Peters noted on Monday. “The jump within the price of bitcoin implies that miners’ don’t must sell as many bitcoins to hide operational costs. Miners ‘hodling’ could also mean that they're anticipating a continued pitched battle as we approach the block reward halving,” Peters concluded.

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