#club5050 // Сontest Season Hunt : Week #1 - flowering trees

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Hello everyone!

I have good news I'm launching a contest in the community Steemit-Garden.

I thought for a long time about what my contest would be about, and I came up with it. We will be engaged in photo hunting with you for the things that surround us. These will not be simple things, but seasonal ones on the theme of nature.

So I'm announcing the opening of a contest called Season Hunt

This week we will hunt for flowering trees. Today my hunt went like this:




The rules of the contest are simple!

  1. Find and photograph the object specified in the task. Tell us where and when this photo was taken.
  2. The message can be written in any language!
  3. THERE is NO plagiarism, all posts must be written by you personally. All photos must be your personal, copyrighted.
  4. Leave a link to your post in the comments to this post.
  5. Only 1 application is possible in the competition for 1 week.
  6. The post should be written in the community Steemit-Garden (https://steemit.com/trending/hive-180821)
  7. Make a repost of this contest.
  8. The first tag should be #seasonhunt
  9. Vote for this post ❤️

The deadline for writing the post is the beginning of 06.05.2022, the end of the contest 12.05.2022. And on 13.05.2022 we will determine the winners.

There will be 3 winners in total who will receive 1 steem



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@strawberrry, доброй ночи! Принимаете?! здесь мои цветущие деревья


Thanks for your beautiful contest.


It's an impressive contest, hopefully lots of entries will slide

I think you will also take part!

Of course I will try to prepare

Excelente, me gusta, podremos buscar gran variedad de arboles con flores que podemos encontrar cerca de nuestro hogares y disfrutar a través de este concurso, mucho Éxitos!



#ContestAlerts #winwithsteem

Этот конкурс включен в ежедневный Активный список конкурсов

👉 Contest Alerts: Active Contest List on 06th May 2022 – Win 1200+ STEEM

Следите за обновлениями и следите за новостями

Спасибо за поддержку

un agradable concurso las fotos estas bellas mucho exito!

  ·  2 months ago (edited)

I'm going to participate for sure

hi, i havent seen the anouncement or did i miss it?