Club5050 || Cultivation of "zephyranthes candida" in our garden

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Assalamu Alaikum friends, I am @rafi006
From #Bangladesh.
I am fine I hope you are all doing well by the grace of Allah.




Zephyranthes candida is a grass flower. These flowers bloom in autumn in Bangladesh. These flowers look like grass plants. It is a seasonal flower. People plant these flowers in the garden to beautify the garden. These flowers have no smell. But these flowers look very interesting. This flower is white and pink.




These plants propagate like grass plants. These plants grow in water and land. These plants can be planted in tubs. We have planted this flower tree in our garden. These flowers bloom in the morning. It falls off after 1-2 days. I like these flowers. This flower plant lives for 3-4 years once planted. This flower plant blooms only once a year.




It is a climbing plant. Why this tree does not have a stem. Its leaves are green and long in shape. The trees look a lot like grass trees. The seeds come out through the gaps in its leaves. From there it is twenty. Then it transforms from twenty to flower. These flowers have 6 petals. These flowers have no smell. But it looks very interesting. So people plant these trees at home. Many of these flowers bloom at once.


These flowers need to be taken care of. This plant should be planted in a place where there is sufficient ventilation. And regular watering is required.

Thanks everyone for reading my post, @rafi006
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Thank you very much for your beautiful post and photos!

Thank you