the third power up in early 2022 and has reached 3,273 steem power || set 15% account @hive-180821 by @humaidi

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Set 15% @hive-180821 account



hello good night everyone, and have a good rest, and tonight I hope you are fine I am always in good health always. and on this occasion I will make a post about power ups.

power ups are very important for account growth in the future, besides that we also invest by doing power ups, power ups are very popular now on steemit, and almost everyone does power ups.

And by doing a power up, that's also a form of support for the #club5050 campaign which is trending right now, and I also support the #club5050 campaign, because I routinely do power ups every week.

A few steps when I power up:






Powerup History Over the past month.


let's join #club5050 and do lower ups regularly, this is very important for future growth, and thanks to @steemcurator01 who has supported me to reach 3000 sp at the beginning of the year.

and those are some of my steps when doing power ups tonight, and hopefully I can do power ups every week, and now my power steem is 3,273 in early 2022 and I am very grateful, and this is my third power up in early 2022.


Gretings from me @humaidi

Thanks To :


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We love power up

Thanks you so much,,

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