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how to Indian Nagpuri Orange yields orange bumper yield from seedlings in one year, discuss all the responsibilities of cultivating care and its cultivation.


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For roof garden tub trees, those who need to prepare the opposite soil, then have to prepare the soil with dung soil and some express NPK fertilizer, then a top is needed where


Then a loose piece of brick should be gently sanded on the soil of the tub made of cement and after sanding it should be covered with the whole soil and one and a half inch space should be left on the top of the tub for watering.


Then the tubers should be planted properly in the middle of the tubers. In addition, the transplant should be opened in the middle, but a hole should be made in the middle and gently pressed around so that shots are not damaged in any way.


The top of the tree should be watered a little if it is a dry day, then the tree should be watered a little, but to keep the tree fresh and in a nice shady place for the time being, the tree should be kept for seven days with the following three pieces of bricks on under the tub.










Then the admission work is to take care of the Nagpuri orange saplings of the tub tree in the roof garden


When the orange tree in the roof garden tub is five to six months old, if there is a small infestation of insects on the leaves, then it is made at home.


Neem oil 5 to 10 milliliter is mixed with 1 liter of water and sprayed with the machine.

If the infestation is high, it should be done once a week. If the infestation is low, it should be sprayed once in 15 days.


Then when the fertilizer application in the tub becomes a little weak, we spread the NPK organic NPK fertilizer evenly around the tub. Organic NPK fertilizer can be made at home.



NPK Fertilizer is made by mixing discarded egg shells with tea leaves and ripe banana peel. A very fast NPK fertilizer is made at home. This fertilizer is completely chemical free, unadulterated and very beautiful.



See how with care I got a lot of good results in one year. See the real proof in the pictures above and below.



You can benefit from watching the video below to know better and more details, then watch the video below


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