FOODCOLORCHALLENGE|| Winners|| COLORFUL JELLY WEEK || 11th Week|| Congratulations Everyone!!!

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Hello My Dear SICs,

We have completed another round successfully which is Colorful Jelly Week with many beautiful and creative entries from our talented iron chefs. That round was so cool and fun!

I thank everyone who participated in the 11th week of this challenge. Here we go to discover the Winners of #Colorfuljellyweek in FCC.

Colorful Jelly Week🍷!


5th Place

Look how our friend @naty16 has presented her jelly in a beautiful way. There are many colorful colors in different shapes. This is so beautiful. Well done, my friend!

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4th Place

How beautiful this is Flowered Gelatin Cocktail. Our friend @alicargofer did her amazing work for this jelly dessert too. So, well done, my friend!

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3rd Place

I was amazed when the moment discovered this so beautiful colorful jelly presentation by our friend @riveradc. She shows her talent in every round and this one is also one of her best works. So beautiful. Good job, my friend!

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2nd Place

Omg! This is simply beautiful. This creative and beautiful piece of work is from our friend @ricardor. His every work is so beautiful in every way. This color combination is perfect and loves the way he plated this jelly dessert. Good job, my friend!

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1st Place

Everyone, meet the winner of the jelly week, @mvchacin. As you see, she did amazing work for this round. It is actually BIG work! She has used many colors in different ways. It's a lot of jellies. The presentation is amazing! Very well done, my friend!

You have won 10 STEEM


Congratulations To All!! You are doing GREAT!!

Here are our contests for this week. You all can participate and win amazing rewards. But remember to follow the rules. Make your entry quality and creative! Don't forget to have Fun!!!

Contest: FOODCOLORCHALLENGE || 12th Week || 30 STEEM in Prizes

Steemit Iron Chef | MenuDujour | We start Week 14 with the Winners of week 13

Contest: Special Rice / #club5050 / @roquiro

Have a COLORFUL week everyone!
Thank You

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Felicidades a todos los ganadores, excelente trabajo.

Me siento orgulloso de las grandes entradas de los amigos que siempre participan en este gran foodcolorchallenge y los seleccionados de mi parte les ofrezco mis felicitaciones.

Gracias señora sanuri por la mención. Saludos

Felicidades a todos los ganadores hicieron un excelente trabajo.

Felicidades a los ganadores, estoy muy contenta por el apoyo.