Contest: FOODCOLORCHALLENGE || 14th Week || 30 STEEM in Prizes

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Hello My Dear Iron-Chefs,

I'm so happy to see creative and beautiful entries from our iron chefs for #whiteweek. I thank all the participants and really appreciate your creativeness too. I'll announce the winners soon. So, stay tuned!


Well, here I'm going to run a new kind of challenge for FCC. This is a bit different than other rounds. I'm sure you guys will love this. Are you ready to know the new challenge for the 14th week?

Here we go....................................

My Color Week 🍉!

We have held many rounds of #FCC so far. But all those rounds held with the color which I gave. Yeah, I was the one who always gave the colors; so....... why not you? That's right, friend; it's you the one who decides the color for this week! So, here is the challenge; tell us about your favorite color/colors and why you like them, and make your favorite dish from your favorite color/colors. There could be many of your favorite colors and that's ok. I would love to know about your favorite color/colors and also your favorite dish. Be creative and think differently!

14th Week

Color Your favorite color/colors
Main Ingredient Anything of your choice
Challenge Make your favorite dish from your favorite color/colors
The contest close date 19th Thursday


✿1st PLACE- 10 STEEM
✿2nd PLACE- 08 STEEM
✿3rd PLACE- 06 STEEM
✿4th PLACE- 04 STEEM
✿5th PLACE- 02 STEEM

Contest Rules


🍉All entries must be posted on #Steemit-ironchef

🍉Title must be: FOODCOLORCHALLENGE| My Color Week| (Name of your dish)

🍉Use the tags: #steemit-ironchef, #foodcolorchallenge , #mycolorweek #steemexclusive and the tags of the club you belong to #club5050, club75 or club100.

🍉 You must put @steemit-ironchef as the beneficiary of the post. This with the aim of supporting the growth of the Community and continuing to promote contests and special events for all those who are part of #steemit-IronChef

🍉The images must be yours, we do not accept any plagiarism, and no need for any pictures of you with your food. Always try to take beautiful and creative photographs.

🍉Vote, comment, and give Resteem to this publication and invite your friends, in order to reach more people.

🍉Don't forget to mention me(@sanuri) in your post, so I don't miss your entry.

Very Important Notice

By participating in Steemit Iron Chef, you give me the right to use your food photos for public announcements/promotions on different social media platforms!


Sure, you guys will accept this challenge too.
Can't wait to see your favorite dish in your favorite color!!!

Make it simple and creative. But don't forget to have fun too😍!

Have A Great Day Everyone!

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Buenísimo amiga. Perfecto, somos libres de elegir y seguro estare participando mi entrada para ustedes.

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Que gran idea contar nuestro color o colores favoritos. Espero participar 🥰

Siempre nuestra amiga con sus ideas muy geniales este reto es perfecto, mano a la obra.Estare preparando mi participación. Bendiciones

Una nueva semana señora sanuri y me sorprendio el tema. Estare con ustedes nuevamente participando

que buena decision tomo amiga, hay que ser equitativo jaja, estare presentando el mio pronto, saludos