Contest: Steemit Open Bar 🍸| Round 18⚡| 30 STEEM in prizes! 🍸💫

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Hello Dear SIC Family!!! 💫

Today we start Round Eighteen of the Steemit Open Bar! 🍸⚡

Today we started a new round in Steemit Open Bar🍸, we are happy and proud for your participations in our Mother's Day Special Round 💖, all of great quality, always showing professionalism, delivery and good drinks in the best style of a Professional Bartender! ✨

We grow day by day in our community and it is something WONDERFUL, simply THANK YOU because we owe the success of SIC and SOB to you my friend!💫

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Today it's time to discover this week's theme, in this round of Steemit Open Bar🍸, where the main goal is to have fun, refresh and relax a bit, so:

Do you want to know what is the new theme of this round, are you ready to rock with us?🥂⚡🥂


The theme of the tenth round of the Steemit Open Bar 🍸 is:::


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In Steemit we are in "Challenge" and we need a lot of energy to perform all the activities proposed for the week, so our round 18 will be to create Energy Drinks ⚡ that help us to release a little tiredness and at the same time to increase our physical and mental performance. 💪

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Energy drinks, as their name suggests, are those that contain ingredients that help us to avoid or reduce the feeling of tiredness and exhaustion, both physical and mental. There are natural energy drinks with elements such as ginger, citrus fruits, sea salt, coconut water, black tea or green tea, coffe, among others, which are wonderful and stimulate us in a healthy and natural way. There are also commercial energy drinks that although they are not very healthy, fulfill the same invigorating function and are also very delicious and refreshing.

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So dear friend in this round 18⚡ we want to know what is the energy drink of your preference, if it is natural or commercial? What are its advantages and ingredients? Why do you like it? If it is a natural drink you can show us its preparation and if it is commercial you can show us a picture enjoying it.🍸⚡

You can present the energy drink you want, it can be with or without alcohol, you can use elements for ambiance, such as garnishes, bark, flowers or elements to enhance the presentation of your drink, always remembering that for us at Steemit Open Bar the most important thing is that you are creative and that you have fun with us!🍸⚡

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There are endless energy drinks waiting to be sublimated and enjoyed by you my dear friend, we can't wait to see what you are capable of! 🥂⚡


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So it's time to get started ... just follow the following rules:

⚡ You must post from the Steemit-Ironchef Community., only 1 entry per participant is allowed.
Prepare your entry based on the theme of the week: Energy Drinks ⚡🍸!!!

⚡ The title should be: Steemit Open Bar🍸/ Round 18⚡️/ Name your drink.

⚡ Make sure to use #food, #steemit-openbar, #steemit-ironchef and #steemexclusive as the main hashtags and also tag me @marcelys1 so I don't miss your entry!

You must put @steemit-ironchef as the beneficiary in your post.

We expect our participants to increase at least 50% of their liquid rewards (SBD exchanged for Steem and then turn it on!) Let's grow together, join #club5050!
Please!!! DO NOT use the tag if you don't meet the conditions # club5050.

⚡ The images must be yours and in case they are not, they must be free of copyright and include the source, we do not accept any plagiarism.
If you prepare your drink please don't forget to include at least one picture with your username and date.

⚡ Make 'reesteem' this post to reach more people, place the contest link in your entry and invite your friends.

⚡ Share your post on Twitter and on our Discord channel.

📌 Note: Try not to mention @ steemcurator01 , other curators please, receiving hundreds of notifications is not a pleasure at all! 🚫

Entries that do not follow these simple rules may be considered invalid.

Be as creative, inventive and refined as possible, have fun in the process and win wonderful prizes! ...🥂⚡


⏰ Duration of the competition ⏰

The Round 18 has a duration of 7 days, from today 12 May/22 until friday 19 May/22, at 11:59 pm, Venezuela time.
Please note that entries received after the deadline will not be entered into the contest.



We have 30 STEEM to distribute, for the top 5 places, which will be distributed as follows.


🌟Plus if you submit a quality entry you may be selected for support with a Booming vote!🥂⚡



By participating in Steemit Open Bar 🍸, you grant the right to use your Drinks photos for public announcements/promotions on different social media platforms!



Let us discover your Energy Drinks! at Steemit Open Bar! 🥂⚡

Don't forget: make it nice as usual, share nice pictures with a short explanation and have fun in the process!

Good luck to all💫 ... Looking forward to seeing your creative entries ...

Don't forget: ENERGY DRINKS ⚡ 🍸

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Have a Great Week!✨

Many Blessings ... Stay Awesome!💫



I thank everyone who visits, reads and supports us, Blessings to you! 🙏

15% of the proceeds from this Post will go to @steemit-ironchef in support of growing and strengthening the Steemit Iron Chef community!💫

C.C.: @disconnect 😃⚡


In closing I invite you to join the #club5050 and boost your earnings! It's a wonderful investment that benefits both you and the platform, so join and let's grow together! 🚀

Thank you for your visit! See you soon!💫🍸


Note: All photos are my property, created with the Picsart and Inshot app, are exclusive content for Steemit and were created for Round 18⚡️ of Steemit Open Bar 2022.

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Gracias por el apoyo 😃👍

Amiga que gran tema bebidas energéticas, justo lo que necesitamos estos día de batalla con los retos. Éxitos y espero participar.

Gracias amiga te esperamos 🙂🥂

Share your post on Twitter and on our Discord channel.

Please provide a link to the Discord Channel. I would like to join the Discord channel of the community.

This is a very beautiful contest. I will definitely try to participate.

Best regards 💖

Saludos! Esperamos su participación 😊
Discord Steemit Iron Chef
Feliz día!

Thanks 😊

Me sorprendio el nuevo tema y seguro que estare participando, mostrando mi bebida energética que utilizo para ciertas ocasiones.

Maravilloso señor Ricardo lo esperamos! 🙂