Announcement Of The Winners: Steemit Open Bar🍸|Round 18: Energy Drinks ⚡🍸| 5 Main Entries sharing 30 STEEM!!!! Congratulations to all 🥂💫!!!

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Hello everyone!!!! 💫

Today we completed the Round 18 of Steemit Open Bar!🍸⚡

Today we are happy and proud for the wonderful participations we have had in this special round of Energy Drinks in Steemit Open Bar!🥂⚡

Every day it is more evident that in SIC and SOB our participants strive to offer QUALITY and excellent content for Steemit, we grow day by day and it's all thanks to you my dear friends!!💫


Thank you to everyone who participated! I would like to reward each of you if it were up to me, but this is impossible for me, I thank each of you for your excellent entries, you are all winners!

If you haven't had a chance to see all the great entries, I invite you to support them on the Steemit-Ironchef Community under the hashtag #steemit-openbar.


5th Position

In the fifth position of Steemit Open Bar 🍸 we have @yibril84 presenting us with a delicious and energetic mango and oatmeal drink! Good job! 🥂⚡ Congratulations!💫


Mango - oatmeal Drink 🥂⚡.

You earn 2 STEEM! Congratulations! ⚡


4th Position

In fourth place we have our friend @karianaporras who presents us with a citrus cocktail, full of energy based on parchita, lemon and mint!! Great job! 🥂⚡ Congratulations! 💫


Citrus Energy cocktail🥂⚡.

You earn 4 STEEM! Congratulations! ⚡


Third position

In third place is our dear friend @eve73 who presents us with a very delicious and refreshing natural energizer: Coconut Water! Great job! ⚡🥂Congratulations!!! 💫


Coconut Water 🥂⚡

You earn 6 STEEM! Congratulations! ⚡


Second position

In second place in this round we have our friend @naty16 who presents us with an energetic Cocada with a spectacular touch of oatmeal! 🥂⚡ Congratulations!💫


Energetic Cocada 🥂⚡

You earn 8 STEEM. Congratulations! ⚡


First position

First up in this special round of energy drinks⚡ we have our friend @marivic10 who presents us with an energy drink with a wonderful citrus touch, an excellent choice to combat tiredness and fatigue!!! ⚡🥂Excellent photos!!! ¡¡¡¡¡Great job!!! Congratulations!!! 💫🥂⚡


Citrus Energy Drink 🥂⚡

You earn 10 STEEM! Congratulations!!! 🥂⚡


Special Thanks! 💫

First of all I thank @progressivechef and @steemit-ironchef for all the support and trust given for the realization of Steemit Open Bar 🍸. Thank you so much!💫
I thank all the participants for their effort and wonderful creations, you have done an excellent job! ✨ Soon we will be active with a new round in Steemit Open Bar!🍸

Special thanks to @disconnect , for sharing the contest post to attract more participants. Thanks Friends!

The support the Steemit Iron Chef community receives since day 1 is simply amazing and the success of our contests in the community is largely due to @ steemcurator01, @ steemcurator02 and @ booming ; we can't argue about this, it's simple, so thank you very much, whoever you are!

Photo created by me with the Inshot App.

Once again, thanks to everyone who made this round possible, see you in the next round of the Steemit Open Bar!🍸

I declare the Round 18 of Steemit Open Bar closed! 🍸⚡


Have a Great Week!

Many Blessings ... Stay Awesome!

@marcelys1 🥂⚡

I thank everyone who visits, reads and supports us, Blessings to you!🙏✨


15% of the proceeds from this Post will go to @steemit-ironchef in support of growing and strengthening the Steemit Iron Chef community!

In closing I invite you to join the #club5050 and boost your earnings! It's a wonderful investment that benefits both you and the platform, so join and let's grow together! 🚀

Thank you for your visit! See you soon!💫🍸

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Hola muchas gracias por su apoyo y está linda mención Feliz feliz 🎊🥳✨😘Felicitaciones para todos amigos, todas las presentaciones hermosas.

Saludos amiga!
Felicidades por tu excelente participación! ✨
Feliz fin de semana!

Éxitos y muchas felicidades a todos los ganadores, fueron increíbles sus presentaciones.

Gracias amiga!ñ, todos los participantes lo hicieron genial 🎉🎉

Que alegría me da ver esta mención, gracias amiga @Mareclys1, siempre es gusto participar en los concursos de esta gran comunidad. Felicidades a lo demás ganadores, bien merecido.

Felicitaciones a los seleccionados esas bebidas se ven hermosas.

Felicidades a todos los seleccionados. Me encanto participar y estoy feliz con el apoyo que me brindan.