SwqSteemit Iron Chef / Gastronomic Photo Contest #menudujour week 19 results of week 18. By: @decuartae

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Greetings my dear Iron Chef, and especially to the fans of #menudujour

Week 19 It's Fabulous!

We continue with #menudujour a challenge that has become everyone's darling.

It's already 18 weeks and we're about to start week 19 and I hope to see you all again posting the best photos of food



It is a Gastronomic Photographic Challenge, so show off your Best Photos, and tell us briefly about them.

Remember to make it Simple but maintaining the Elegance and Quality that Characterizes Steemit Iron Chef 👩‍🍳



Every Monday we will start a new Round, mentioning the Best 06 Entries of the previous Week.



📸 All entries must be posted on #Steemit-ironchef

📸 The Title of your publication should be Steemit-ironChef / MENÚ DU JOUR / Gastronomic Photographic Challenge. By: @user

📸 The Photos must be only of the Food, without any type of Poster or writing, Only the Food.
"You can show a selfie if you want" But keep in mind that we will not 🚫 accept photos from the internet or plagiarism, the photos must be legitimate photos of you."

📸 You must add at least 4 Photos of your daily menu. (From the same dish or different, the important thing is that it is good food. )

📸 You must place @steemit-ironchef as a beneficiary in your publications, this with the aim of supporting the growth of the Community and continue promoting contests and special events for all those who are part of #steemit-IronChef

📸 Vote, comment and give Resteem to this publication and invite your friends, in order to reach more people And don't forget to mention me in Yours @decuartae so I don't miss your entry.

📸 You must use the Tags #steemexclusive #food #contest #menudujour #steemit-ironchef and the tags of the #club you belong to #club5050 #club75 or #club100. This way you will have more Possibility of being a Curator through the new curator teams.

Now yessss to have fun, become a Food Photographer and show us your stunning Food photos

Remember that the Best Entries will Receive Support with booming accounts daily


Now let's do the mentions of the Best 06 Tickets of Week 18 👏👏

1_. @marivic10


Link to your Post



Link to your Post

3_. @zormar21


Link to your Post

4_. @alicargofer


Link to your Post



Link to your Post

6_. @alblin16


Link to your Post

I want to thank everyone for their Post, let's continue making Community and creating for #steemisoronchef


I invite you to visit the Active Contests during this week in #Steemit-IronChef. They are super fun. Participates!!!!!


Invite to Participate in Round 19 of Open Bar
Natural juices


Link to your Post



Invite to Participate with Ice Cream 🍧🍨 Delicious Ice Cream


Link to Your Post

Good luck, success for all and I look forward to your entries


Image courtesy of @oswaldocuarta

I thank everyone who visits, reads and supports me, blessings to you


Si lo deseas aquí ⤵️⤵️ Puedes

Conocer más de Mí 🥰 LOGRO 1


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Muchas gracias por la selección amiga, todos los ganadores están super hermosas y elegantes, felicidades y espero continuar participando en este grandioso concurso.

Hola linda comunidad, por aquí mi participación. Saludos cordiales y mil bendiciones 😊



Que alegria, gracias por todo. Excelente publicaciones... felicidades... y seguimos con esta nueva semana

Felicitaciones a los ganadores. Todos los platos de muy buena presentación.

Muy agradecida por ser parte entre las seleccionadas. y felicitaciones a todas las demás platos seleccionadas. Saludos y muchas bendiciones

#ContestAlerts #winwithsteem

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Agradecida y muy contenta con esta mención, saludos y bendiciones para todo este gran equipo. 🙏

Holaaa amigos, les dejaré el link de mi participación:


espero sea de su agrado, saludos...

Muy agradecida por ser parte entre las seleccionadas. Y felicitaciones a todas las demás platos seleccionadas. Saludos y muchas bendiciones

Felicitaciones!!! Excelente selección. Cada día las publicaciones son más hermosas.

Saludos amigos, muchos problemas de conectividad en mi zona pero presente en este reto.

Steemit Iron Chef / Gastronomic Photo Contest #menudujour week 19. Delicias de pan de molde @alblin16


Such an interesting contest we have here! Will support with my entry soon.

Buenas tardes. Buen sabado para todos. Por aca el enlace de mi participación rn esta semana


Buenas noche por aca dejo mi link de participación.

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