Steemit-ironChef / MENÚ DU JOUR /Gastronomic Photo Challenge📸 Week 22| best of Round 21 | by @crisvera

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Greetings my dear #steemit-ironchef ,it is a pleasure to greet you in this new week👋.


My dear Iron chef, I want to congratulate you for the beautiful entries you made during week 21, starting r today, we give start to week 22, I hope as always to see beautiful dishes in #menudujour.


It is the photo challenge, where you can show us your menu of the day, from different angles, making only a brief description.

Make it simple and beautiful 😊

The new rounds will start every Monday, also the 5 best entries of the previous week will be mentioned, remember that daily, two of the best public


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📸 Entries must be posted under #Steemit-ironchef.

📸 The Title of your post must be Steemit-ironChef / MENU DU JOUR / Gastronomic Photo Challenge. By: @user

📸 Photos must be of the Food only, without any Poster or writing, Just the Food.

📸 We will not 🚫 accept photos from the internet or plagiarism, photos must be legitimate photos of you.”

📸 You must add at least 4 Photos of your daily menu. (Of the same dish or different, the important thing is that it is good food).

📸 You must place @steemit-ironchef as a beneficiary in your publications, this with the objective of supporting the growth of the Community and continue promoting contests and special events for all those who are part of #steemit-IronChef.

📸 Vote, comment and give Resteem to this post and invite your friends, in order to reach more people and don’t forget to mention me in your post, @crisvera so I don’t miss your entry.

📸 You must use the tags #steemexclusive #food #contest #menudujour #steemit-ironchef and the tags of the #club you belong to #club5050 #club75 or club100 . This way you will have more Possibility to be a Curator through the new curator teams.

Remember that the Best Entries will receive support with booming accounts daily.


Next, mention of the best entries of week 21 🥳🥳.











I am very grateful for your support 😊, let’s keep creating for SIC

I invite you to join the respective club that the platform offers us #club5050 #club75 and club100.
Good luck, success to all and I look forward to your entries.


Te invito a conocerme, soy @crisvera

Todas las fotos son de mi autoría, tomadas desde mi Redmi note 8.



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Felicitaciones a los seleccionados excelente presentación saludos amiga @crisvera en este nuevo reto aquí mi participación
Steemit-ironChef / MENÚ DU JOUR /Gastronomic Photo Challenge📸 Week 22 Ensalada de Aguacate @betop

Hola amiga @crisvera muchas gracias por la selección de la semana #21, espero continuar participar en este maravilloso concurso. Felicidades a todos los seleccionados.

Felicidades a los seleccionados de esta semana!!
Hicieron unas excelentes fotos!! Continúen apoyando a SIC

Excelente trabajo amiga, @crisvera la selección muy buena todas las entradas perfectas.
Felicidades a todos.
Estaré haciendo mi participación para esta nueva semana.

Este concurso se ha incluido en el Listado activo del concurso diario #ContestAlerts

Contest Alerts: Active Contest List on 21st June 2022 – Win 1150+ STEEM & Booming Support

Siga y Resteem para más actualizaciones.
#ContestAlerts #winwithsteem

Gracias por la mención felicitaciones a los otros seleccionados fue un gran placer poder participar.

Hola apreciada comunidad,hoy les traigo ésta rica tabla de picoteo, espero les guste.


Congratulations to the winners.
Another week for creative entries, I invite @beautybb, @eliany @yakspeace to join in.

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Curated By - @kiwiscanfly 🐔
Curation Team - The7up

Buenas tardes amigos por acá dejo link a mi entrada en esta maravillosa entrada. Suerte a todos.