Steemit Culture Contest ||Write a short creative story || 20Steem Prize Pool

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Greetings to all steemains!!!

Hope you all are good and doing well. Today I'm back with another interesting contest "write a short story ". It's time to create your own story.

In this contest you can write a creative short story about any real or unreal event, or about any imagination etc there is no limit for your explanation. Share all in yoy your style.


Winners Prize Pool

1st place10 Steem
2nd place5 Steem
3rd place5 Steem

Rules For Contest

Note: You can use all the assets of Steemit Culture

Deadline to give your entry is 7th August 11:50am Pakistan time

We would like to invite all the members of steemit to take part.


Thank you.

Contact us on the official Steemit Culture Discord server


50 SP100 SP500 SP1000 SP1500 SP2000 SP
2500 SP3000 SP3500 SP4000 SP4500 SP5000 SP

Steemit Culture Official Team

@suboohi (admin)
@vvarishayy (admin)
@faran-nabeel (mod for Pakistan )
@sailawana (mod for Indonesia )

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I will surely participate ☺️☺️

Interesting contest i surely participate in this Contest.

Awesome initiative. I spent a week on steemit as a free writing lover, I have interest in the contest
may I participate in this contest?

You are most welcome

Thankful, to you in'shAallah soon I will participate with my best.

@tipu curate 2

Greetings, it is an excellent proposal. Successes

Great initiative dear, hopefully all member can join at the contest

Yes hopefully. I'm looking forward entries from your region too👍

I want to try.

kontes yang sangat menarik

Yuk ikutan kyak nulis cerpen juga bisa

siap buk

Kontes yang sangat luar biasa, let's doing this👍💪

Di tunggu partisipasinya ya..

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Saludos amigos de Steemit Culture, comparto mi entrada:

Historias dentro de una Canica

Another good and interesting topic for contest.
Hope we read interesting stories. Best of luck to all our members who take part in this Contest.

This is my favorite topic because i love literature and read stories. Soon i make my post for this contest. Thank you so for organized this wonderful contest..