Monthly Report Of Steemit Culture ||Account SP Reached To 15498

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Hello, the members of steemit today in this post I will be making the report of the community. It would be the monthly report on Steemit Culture. The Community Steemit Culture is open for the entire steemit members to showcase their culture, tradition, and the true colors of their way of living, thinking, and perspectives. Social Organizations, Languages, Customs and Traditions, Arts and Literature, and much more things in which the diary game which reflects your culture and values are included and you can share in the community. It will be more clear to you after staying tuned in the community. In which you can share About
• Traditional Foods
• About Traditional dresses
• Your Culture
• Your way of living
• Your Language
• About the Arts and Literature
• Values and symbols that distinguish you from others
• The history of your culture
• You rituals, ceremonies, and festivals
• The Architecture
• The Daily Diary Game

Introduced the Steemit Culture Assets


330 Subscribers and 83 active poster in such a short span of time. And we hope the number of active posters will also increase and we would get the support from steemit team. We appreciate your efforts and trust in steemit Culture.



We are happy to announce that our account sp reached to 15498. We are giving 100% votes from the curation account odSteemit Culture to give our delegators the reward by voting their all active posts. We don't have enough resources right now and for the delegation reward, we will be curating their all the active posts once a week.

Contact us on the official Steemit Culture Discord server


50 SP100 SP500 SP1000 SP1500 SP2000 SP
2500 SP3000 SP3500 SP4000 SP4500 SP5000 SP

Steemit Culture Official Team

@suboohi (admin)
@vvarishayy (admin)
@faran-nabeel (mod for Pakistan )
@sailawana (mod for Indonesia )
@simonnwigwe (mod for Africa region )

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Glad to hear this information, hopefully the steemit culture community can continue to get delegate support from all its members and the more members it has, the more active posters there will be so that it can continue to grow and become an advanced community. Steem on!

Indeed there is quite an improvement on the steem power we hope for more delagations from our generous users.

Hope in the future we see more unique delegators and commentator or poster in our community. Best of luck team and thank you so much for sharing this report.

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