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Hi friends
Yesterday I was searching for some artistic tools and I found a website called "AUTO DRAW" for creating doddles online which is very eazy to use. Today I made a simple landscape doodle with the auto draw tools and now I will explain how to use the tools here step by step.
autodraw 5_10_2022.png

step 1:

Go to https://www.autodraw.com/ and open a fresh drawing sheet

step 1:

Clik on the auto draw tool and just make a line, it will show several options related to the line, choose one that you want to draw, I have chosen edited lines here.

step 2:

Copy the dotted lines and paste them to make them duplicate and align next to the first one


step 3:

Using the auto draw tool just make two circles and three-line just like a bicycle outline, it will show you some bicycles, choose anyone



step 4:

Using the same tool just make an outline of a tree and it will show your many tree shapes, choose anyone if it and change its color



step 5:

Set the green color in the palette and draw a mountain shape using the pen tool, also make one more mountain shape with a light green color.
you can replace any of these items, here I replace a bicycle with a car and now a landscape doodle is ready, download it as a png or jpeg file.
You can also try this easy doodle by going to this free website. there are so many websites online for free, this one is also good and free to use. Hope this is a website and this information is useful to you if yer feels free to share your thoughts in the comment section.

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Cc: @nishadi89

♣ ♣ All is Well ♣ ♣


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