Contest Result : Your Best Gameplay Week 34

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Hello Gamers!

We hope all of you are well and doing great. We are very glad that our community's first week gameplay contest was going well. Thank you all participants to be with us & participate our contest. All participants did their best from their side and we tried our best to select the right winner.

to winners and don't be upset who didn't get a place in this contest, try hard and best wishes from us.

Posts of Participants of this contest

@aaliyahholtResident Evil 2 Remake Demo: With Commentary (No Rage This Time) Gaming Souls Steemit Content
@sundeep1820Gamplay for contest of this week!
@jarcorvYour Best Gameplay - Los Camperos de la Azotea en PUBG Mobile - Gaming Souls / Steemit
@mmratulahmedMy Best Gameplay Week 34 Best Gameplay by @mmratulahmed.

Prize Pool


CC - @steemcurator01, @dragonslayer109

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Happy Gaming

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Thank you so much for giving me the 2nd prize :)
And congratulations to @aaliyahholt for winning the 1st prize!

Felicidades a los ganadores, nos vemos esta semana con más contenido <3