MAPXV Daily Report & News - Hive - 21 Mar 2020

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A brief update for current and future MAPXV members.


Firstly, our delegation-miners have been paid their tokens - thanks as always!

Our weekly accounts are due tomorrow, so do not wish to go deeply into the current numbers. However, having lost a significant amount of delegated SP, I responded by also undelegating a majority of our investments and that SP is due back early on Monday. At that point, our voting SP will again be larger than the active tokens, but for the moment you may notice a drop in vote values.

Then again, our voters are working as normal, so there has been no further interruption of service on Steem, apart from rebuilding our VP the last 3 days.

One other piece of good news is that we have over 10k HP in Hive! My policy of holding the majority of funds within Steem has paid off in this case. But, let me reiterate that MAPXV will not be operating on Hive. We are going to focus our energies on just MAXUV, assuming we are able to create a new MAXUV-Hive token. I don't wish to go through the whole reasoning again, so please read this previous post.

Whatever one's own feelings about the philosophical, social and system issues surrounding the Steem-Tron saga, my main concern is to look after the funds that have been entrusted by members to MAPXV.

So, the good news is that all that Hive Power will be distributed to MAPXV members; the issue now is how to do it.

Plan A is to wait for Steem-Engine to create a similar "Hive-Engine" DEX. Then we can create a new MAXUV-Hive token and do a one-time airdrop of those new tokens to existing MAPXV members in proportion to their holdings. The advantage here is that it would be a clean one-time event and can, hopefully, happen relatively soon.

Plan B is to power down that cache of HP and distribute it to MAPXV members, again in proportion to their holdings. The disadvantage with this plan is that members need to wait 13 weeks for a full power-down. I could be magnanimous, and pay investors before management, but a quick calculation shows that it would merely decrease the time to 10 weeks.

I notice that I was perhaps being a little optimistic yesterday about my preference to send members liquid HIVE. The reality is that, across the MAP FinTech programs, most of our HIVE is powered up!

If anybody wishes to express an opinion, now is the time. I also hope people will appreciate that they will be getting something like 90% extra in HIVE compared to their STEEM invested in MAPXV.

The situation may yet change swiftly, so please take the above as the most recent iteration of what will happen.

Have a fine week!

What is MAPXV?

MAPXV was the second vote-bond, after MAPX, in the MAP Steem FinTech family of tokens. It is designed to give 2 upvotes per day at 0.2% weight per token. This means that the maximum effective holding is 500 MAPXV tokens and that will yield two 100% votes. There is no fee for this, just buy and hold the tokens and the upvotes will appear within about 24 hours. There is also no unstaking period, so your investment remains liquid and you may buy and sell instantly.

The mathematics that underpins MAPXV means that everyone gets exceptional value in terms of both upvotes and the value of the token. All profits, both from rewards and token trading, are compounded back into the fund SP. We publish weekly reports to keep members up to date with the financial health of the MAPXV fund.

Make your STEEM work for you without being locked up in SP. Buy MAPXV tokens on the Steem Engine DEX.

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A random prize of TRENDO tokens for 10 days from MAPXV, plus we are now also distributing trendovoter upvotes.

So, our winners today are... N/A (will resume these once our VP is back to operational levels) .

Just to add that this will be a lucky time for some members as there are not so many usernames that are not part of the MAP FinTech family. I don't think it fair to give prizes to myself!


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I agree with @superlao That seems the way to do it.

At least when it comes to MAPXV.

A member bonus $trendotoken tip from MAXUV!
These bonuses are for members, selected at random when @MAXUV posts, and last for a few days.
Thanks for being a member of MAXUV.
NOTE, the ADDAX Game Round 3 starts 17 March.

Sweet! I guess I'll just take the prorata HIVE tokens sent to my HIVE account in 10-13 weeks from now. It seems like STEEM is turning into SCT and we all know how that turned out. Yuck!

Whatse whatse whats up!

Whatse whatse whats up!

Whatse whatse whats up!

Whatse whatse whats up!

Whatse whatse whats up!

Whatse whatse whats up!

Hi, I dont see your MAPXV holdings. If you have some under an alt account then please get in touch on discord with @rycharde.
I also don't understand your "prorata HIVE tokens". Anyway, let me know if you need to join the processing queue. Thanks.