Contest "Fountains-2022"-Week #2- by @noraandy

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Hello beautiful people of @SteemitContest community. I hope we are all doing great. I want to thank @may2015 for this contest about Fountains. Here's the link:


This beautiful water fountain is located in Nwaniba, Uyo, Akwa Ibom State, Nigeria. It links major roads like 4-lanes and Nwaniba road. This fountain is usually the center of attraction for most people while passing. In the evening, you find people hanging around there taking some pictures.


It is maintained and kept clean by the government. This water fountain is really beautiful when its festive period, because there is always a lot of decorations on it. I stopped by today to take this shots with my phone.

I would like to invite @benson6 and @chiomzy810 to participate in this contest. Thank you.

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Thank you for participating!