Club75||Minor Contest|| Week #1|| July 18, 2022|| "Post Your Wacky Photo Contest"

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Greetings everyone.

This is my first time to do conducting a minor contest here in our community and I am very thankful to all people especially those who behind in this community. This week, my minor contest theme is all about, POST YOUR WACKY PHOTO CONTEST. But before we proceed to the mechanics, allow me to illustrate or explain about wacky.

Wacky, is an act on which each of us take a pose and take picture about ourselves with unique style and or facial expressions.

We know that each of us loves to take a selfie specially by wacky photos and it helps us to relax, gain happiness and enjoy ourselves about it.

The mechanics are very simple;

1Upload your Wacky pictures atleast 2 Photos.
2Explain what are the memorable moments happend in your wacky photos, including the occasions or any activities with your photos.
3It must be atleast 250+ words.
4The title must be "MY WACKY PHOTO" and the location.
5The tag must be #contest, #wackyphotos, your country ( example: #philippines, #canada or #russia ).
6Mention 2 of your steemit friends to join the contest.


It must be club elegible either #club5050, #club75 or #club100 and don't forget to include this as one of your tags.

There are simple rules in our contest;

1Avoid to do plagiarism or copying any texts, photos from other social media.
2The pictures must be original.
3Comment your entry link below in this post.

For the winners:
1st price= 1 STEEM
2nd price= 0.500 STEEM
3rd price= 0.200 STEEM

The contest starts today and ends until July 25, 2022 and the announcing of winners will be announce on July 26, 2022 followed by distributing of Prizes.

Give your best and create your unique and original post here in our community. Goodluck to those who will join.

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Thank you 😊😊

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Thank you very much for publishing my minor contest..

Keep them coming :)

Yes , I will. 😊😊

@tipu curate

Thank you for stopping by my post. 😊

Try ko mag join

Sure, follow the mechanics and rules lang.