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Hello everybody,

When I read this contest "Post Your Wacky Photo Contest" of @manticao I right away find any wacky of mine in my gallery, so far I found two but oh oh it deals with food, hehehe.

My grandson, Kai, loves to take pictures. When our family gathers he just click click his camera then I didn't knew I was included, we just laugh of the outcome because he snapped a moment of laughter, my funny face! Like this...


One of my favorite food is dragon fruit. And, before I ate it without knowing Kai snapped his cam. We all laugh and laugh of the outcome. I thank him, unintentionally he caught a wacky of me.

Then, here is another one.


Everybody knew I truly loved to eat cakes. That time was the birthday of my granddaughter, Lian. Her cake was so delicious looking. Without knowing when I looked at the cake, ho my, my grandson again, snapped the moment! Hahaha, when he let me show the picture we all laughed.
I was almost cross-eyed with my excitement to eat the cake. Hahaha!

I am inviting @diosarich @jewel1989 to join this contest.

Thanks for dropping by...

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Ang cute mo namang tingnan dyan ate.. Salamat po sa pagsali sa ating minor contest. 😊😊

Hahaha nakalkal sa baul dahil sa contest mo

Wow naman, salamat sa pagsali ate.. 😊😊


Cute hehe 😉

happy wacky photos ymmom. Pati ako na nakatingin nahappy din, makatakod jud ang kalipay uy! Maayo kay merong ganitong contest.

Hahaha ang kulet!