Club5050 Contest Photos Of Feathered Friends Week 17 - In A Relationship

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Welcome everyone to Week 17 of this exciting contest, the Photos os Of Feathered Friends, hosted by @strawberrry. Check out the rules and regulations of this challenge here. Read up and join us in the fun.

I have in past posts mentioned about the many street chicken and roosters that can be found everyday roaming our subdivision streets. They do not seem to have an owner. They do not have any home. They just wander about the streets looking for food. They also come in different ages, from small chicks to fully grown mature hen or roosters. Sometimes one can see a mother hen with her small chicks. Sometimes it is just one chicken (probably single and looking for a date). Sometimes it's a couple. And this is what I will be featuring in this post.




These two are always seen scrounging for food everywhere in our street. It is so hard to take a close up picture of them because when they sense someone approaching or is near them they run away. I have so many times tried to picture them but all I can capture are far away shots because they run away as soon as I come near them. They are so street smart that they know all the dangers that lurk in the streets. Even the street cats and dogs stay away from them or suffer their wrath. No kidding. They fight off these cats and dogs, especially for food.

I am lucky this time I was able to take a close up of them just before they ran away. As you can see in the last photo, the rooster was already running away from me which accounts for the blurry image of the picture.

Anyway, that's all for this post. Good luck to all the participants. I just hope I make it in time before this week's contest ends. Stay safe everyone and may peace be with you always.

(All photos are mine.)

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What cool cocks! Thank you for not forgetting about my contests! If you have a photo of fountains, then there is also such a contest!

I cannot forget about your contests. They keep me inspired to post. I will try to look for fountains. If I find some I will join. 😊