When envy is present

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Hello dear friends!

A few days ago I had the opportunity to listen to a reflection about envy and the conflicts it generates, so today I want to share some key aspects related to this topic.

When you envy other people, you can feel discomfort, anger, sadness, and the interest of being more aware of what others do and not what you do and how you do it, that leads to wear and tear and most importantly is that it does not allow us to live happily with ourselves or with others.

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Envy can be felt in a work group, fellow students, with close people and even in family groups, however if we focus on the work environment, perhaps we have seen that it is very common, which makes the environment heavy and fills it with negative energies, thus affecting employees, therefore, the company must ensure that good relations are maintained among its workers, to avoid conflicts, and that performance is affected.

There is nothing better than feeling that our work is dominated by companionship, union, teamwork and joy for the goals achieved by any of the people who work there.
Now, in a workplace there may be, for example, the boss's favorite employee, and his treatment is special and this is easily observed by the rest of his colleagues, as well as people with low self-esteem who spend their time comparing themselves and competing with their colleagues but not in a healthy way, people who only seek to stand out at all costs, or frustrated for not achieving their goals.

We are clear that at work there will always be competition, so we must focus on fulfilling our obligations, always looking to improve, to be a healthy competition, we must rely on the skills and competencies that we possess in order to become the best if that is what we want, without getting in the way of anyone or using wrong ways.

We must be able to recognize the faults or weaknesses we have, and in case we need to know how to ask for advice or help from people who are qualified to do so, and who are willing to help us, which will allow us to learn more. We cannot close ourselves, and see the people who stand out as our enemies, because it is not always so, we must feel admiration for people who are able to help us with their knowledge and take advantage of what others can teach us.

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That is why it is important to be in constant training and this will allow us to opt for better positions or get to where you want in a particular job, work to improve self-esteem, as well as when we see the achievement of other people to be able to show empathy and put ourselves in their place, because we do not know how much it cost that achievement.

It may also be the case that other people become envious of us, and that is where we must find a way to handle this situation, so that it does not affect us personally or in our work, or generate conflicts. Although envy is considered a feeling that is closely associated with human beings, we must work to identify when it is present, the damage it does to us and how to stop it so that it is not an obstacle in our way or slow down the way of others.

Well friend, for the moment I say goodbye, and emphasizing that by wishing good to others, we are doing it to ourselves. Thanks for reading!

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Many times that envy helps us to grow, and also helps us to create a very tough skin, not everyone knows how to handle these situations of envy, in some cases it does a lot of damage because of that envy is born gossip and evil put a person against another person, person, however the acts that one does and can crumble any possible envy.
We should only do things right even if others do not like it.

Greetings @ yusvelasquez
The feeling of envoy keep you away from your own goals that you can achieve or have projected, plus you block yourself, because you only think about wanting to have what other people have or achieve, and does not allow you to see that you can also do them, also brings other negative aspects to your life that make you sick.

Thank you very much for sharing your post.

Hello @dgalan!
That's right my friend, envy can blind you and lead you to do things just to hurt others and you really hurt yourself, losing many opportunities and in the end you don't achieve or have what you want. Thanks for your comment, greetings!