Use of psychology in children's nutrition

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One of the main responsibilities we have as parents, is to create good eating habits in our children, so sometimes it is necessary to set a firm attitude with food and set limits to avoid diseases and problems such as anxiety, obesity and others associated with poor diet.

Although sometimes it is not an easy task because children tend not to want to eat the food that is prepared for them, to feel very uncomfortable at the table at mealtime, and only want to spend hours playing with the food, it is very important that from childhood we establish the basis of a good diet incorporating foods rich in nutrients, minerals, proteins, balanced food, and feed them in a healthy way, since they are in the stage of formation and growth and may be more vulnerable to diseases due to deficiencies in their diet.

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It is also necessary that we are clear which are the causes that provoke such behavior at meals, and in this way seek appropriate tools that can help us in time, we must ensure not only a healthy food, but also an appropriate environment, tidy and away from distractions or games.

Now, in order to create the habit we must be patient, and we may also have to be very firm, however, we must avoid being seen as authoritarian parents, we must maintain a good and constant communication with them to know their tastes and explain the importance of good nutrition and its benefits. Now, this situation can be a bit problematic, so what can we do in this situation?

Some psychologists recommend some strategies such as setting a limit or time to eat, at first it will cost them a little, however, day by day they will adjust and learn that there is a time to eat, play or sleep.

Digestion is very important, therefore, we must ensure that they chew their food properly, if children do not eat because they claim that the food is hard, or that they do not like it, we cannot change the food every now and then for another that is to their liking, as this will contribute to them not trying to eat the food.

If they are children who say they feel like eating all the time, perhaps because they need more energy, it is very important to teach them about the right amount of food to eat and especially the type of food, since it is not healthy between meals to consume sweets and cookies in excess, as well as explaining the importance of water consumption, if necessary, specialists should be consulted to find the causes that cause a large consumption of food.

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If the child does not have a good diet and consumes foods with high sugar content has a high probability of suffering from obesity, even more so in these times where they spend much of the day watching television or playing video games, and do not do physical activity so it should encourage the practice of sport, play in the park, in the yard. The WHO recommends that children should do 1 hour a day of some recreational activity that can include skating, dancing, some sport according to their tastes and in this way we prevent them from becoming sedentary people, so we must motivate them to develop their skills and lead a life.


As we see we must look for tools that help us to improve the eating habits of children and thus avoid diseases, on the other hand we must guarantee them healthy food, in the right amount and at the right time to set an example as parents and also comply with good habits and lead a healthy life.

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When it comes to children upbringing it is one of the hardest thing to do as parents. You have to make sure that you give your children the best but sometimes it doesn't happens as we wanted all the time. Another thing to note is that we should endeavor to make sure that the food we give them is nutritious because this will impact their growth

Hello @tfame3865!
I agree with you, it is one of the most difficult things we have to do because we have to have a lot of patience and dedicate a lot of time to it, I always try to look for ways to prepare healthy food for my son to make it more enjoyable and to help me in the preparation so that he knows a little more about good nutrition and its benefits.

We has parents should always try to give our children food rich in balance diet some of us might say we don't have money ,yes we don't have truly but did you know that the money we use in buying sweet, biscuits and drinks for them if it is diverted to cook and buy fruit for them their body will be provided with all the nutrients they need than eating junks

Hello @jennyvic09!
I certainly know many parents who easily buy fast food and sweets to please their children because they can not devote time to prepare a healthy meal, that's not good because you should always look for ways to feed them healthy.

Parenting is a whole lot of job, I praise parents a lot because it really isn't easy to notice even the most tiny details in another person. I really hope I make a great Dad when I have my own kids also, a big kudos to all great parents out there.

Hello @gbenga!
Being parents entails many responsibilities, however, as we do everything from love we do our part to learn what we do not know and thus guide them in everything necessary, it is a daily learning. Thank you for commenting!

every disease is related to food and depending on it. In this childhood we can manage it because in childhood we have learnability and after 5 years we acquiring learning ability.

Hello @alfazmalek!
Certainly diseases depend on our lifestyle and nutrition, so we must create a good foundation in children so that adults follow the same path and not something new or to be done only after the diseases appear. Thank you for commenting!

Super interesting that you raise the use of psychology in child nutrition but nothing more accurate than that. It turns out that the eating habits come from the parents in many occasions I see people who try to make their children eat vegetables when the children observe that they do not eat them, everything in the first years of the children happens by imitation and that is well explained by the behaviorist theory from there that the best thing is to be intelligent and make the children eat healthily seeing that we do it. We should also use our intelligence to combine foods and present them in an attractive way, this helps a lot. Thanks for this very interesting post.

Hi @emimoron!
Thank you for your comment. Certainly children do what they see, and if parents do not set an example, it is very difficult for them to eat healthy food. Another aspect that you highlight very well is to look for ways to combine meals, we must be creative and try to involve them in the preparation, so they will learn the benefits of each food, different ways to prepare them, and share healthy family meals.