Tips for returning to work in a pandemic situation

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Hello dear friends!

In recent days there has been much talk about the return to face-to-face classes, especially for children in primary school, and young people in secondary and high school in our country. This whole situation has generated great interest in parents, representatives, students and also teachers, since we must work under other schemes.

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At the university level, from my experience, meetings are being held in order to discuss important points related to the return to face-to-face activities, so this has generated many questions in teachers, since it has been more than a year and a half since they have been working in these institutions. However, it is very likely that after all that we have experienced, and are still experiencing, there are many emotions, due to the long period away from the workplaces and colleagues who work there, and to return to work face-to-face with the students.

At this level, basically what is proposed is to work under a multimodal approach, since the classes may be completely distance or mixed (which proposes to make them face-to-face only when required, depending on the subject being taught and at the teacher's discretion). However, this leads us to many questions, since the conditions of the institution are not the most adequate for an upcoming return to classes, as well as the conditions in which the students are and whether they will be able to return to classes have not been evaluated. We will have to wait until January to know if we will really return to classes. For the time being, we are planning to begin attending to new students in the next few weeks.

Now, how does this return affect us? Normally when we return from a vacation, for example, there is a kind of shock between what we did on our days off and what we must do when we return to our work routines, imagine then, after almost two years without doing it. Of course it does not mean that during this time we have not been working, or that some of us have not been working away from home despite the situation. However, many of us have chosen to work from home, especially on this platform and the return to the work activities that we did before can affect us, as it can cause anxiety, stress, worry as we have to face new challenges, adhere to stricter biosafety protocols, among other aspects.


That is why in this post I want to highlight some tips that at a psychological level can help us in the return to activities:

  • If during the days off or the days that you did not have to comply with activities outside the house you used to sleep at any time at night, it is advisable to establish a schedule to rest, and thus perform at work and not get up tired, as this can generate discomfort and some stress.

  • It is very important to make a list of all the pending tasks by priority, plan the activities, this way you will be sure to do your work and fulfill your responsibilities.

  • Keep a rhythm of rest, take care of your diet, your physical and mental health, if we have learned anything with everything we are living is that we must pay attention to our health, we must not forget to return to our activities, we must continue to take care of ourselves and worry even more about feeling good, exercise daily, meditate and take time to enjoy our families and friends. Although we are not totally over this situation, we must keep it in mind every day.

  • Let's keep a positive mind and adapt to the changes that we consider to be for our good, let's keep working with courage and give the best of us.

As we know most of the institutions do not have the conditions to return to our jobs, however, we must also look for the positive aspects of this return.

Well, my friend, for the moment I say goodbye, I hope the advice presented here will help you and take care of yourselves!

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Hi @yusvelasquez
With the pandemic we organize our lives around the digital to a large extent, this change, for teachers and for all those who had to return to face-to-face work will surely be something complex at first, and it is normal that it could generate some stress. You have shared very valid, important and necessary points to consider in order not to end up sick.

Hi @josevas217!
Yes, it really generates stress and concern especially because at this time the cases are increasing in the country, but we must go ahead, take all precautions and keep the faith to be able to do our work no longer entirely from home. Thank you for commenting, greetings!