The decision to change jobs

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In the last few days, I have heard my sister say several times that she wants to change jobs, because the salary is very low, there are many hours of work and she does not feel good with the group of people who work there.

This leads me to highlight the importance of making some decisions in life, such as changing jobs, either if we want to do something else, develop in other areas and even share with other people, we can not stay for years in the same place just for fear of changing environment or not having the security of finding something better, as this is part of our personal and professional growth.


Therefore, I want to show you the following tips:

First of all, be honest with ourselves and reflect on several important aspects, of how we really feel about what we do, and not only take into account the economic aspect, although we well know that today it is a very important point, as well as being realistic about the opportunities that are presented in the current job, and that allow the development of our skills to progress in our field, otherwise we will be limited while we stay there, and be clear if the time we dedicate to it also allows us to enjoy the family and dedicate time for us.

If you manage to analyze all these points and come to the conclusion that it is really time to change jobs then you should identify what are your skills and competencies that can help you get the job you want and be confident that if you can achieve it, it will be very helpful to visualize the job you want, and have a positive mind and attitude to achieve the goal.

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Finally, as many have written in their posts, we must act, we can not only stay in our thoughts the idea of being in a better job, we can not stay paralyzed and let time pass, we must get out of our comfort zone. We must establish a plan to take action, set clear goals and objectives.

We can also rely on people who really care about our well-being, otherwise it is better not to talk about our plans, we must keep ourselves surrounded by positive energies. We can always find better opportunities, if we feel capable and prepared to face new challenges, the important thing is to feel and be well.

I hope this is of great help, for the moment I say goodbye, thanks for reading!

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Greetings @ yusvelasquez, it is certainly a decision that is not easy to make and much less in Venezuela, because the salaries are not what they should be, now if we add to that that our job does not generate personal satisfaction we simply must change of scenery.

That's right friend @carlir , now in our country is very difficult to be in a job that gives us a good salary, so we must always be in search of new options and especially where we feel better because that also affects our performance. Thanks for reading, greetings!

Hi @yusvelasquez, making certain decisions in life is hard and even more so if it is about work and we feel comfortable in it. There are times when it is only out of fear, but in our daily work we must learn to be a little more daring and risky to achieve our goals set to seek a better comfort. Greetings

Hello @sidalim88!
That's right we must take risks to achieve what we want otherwise we will not feel frustrated on a personal and professional level. Thank you for commenting

Greetings @ yusvelasquez
It is a decision that is in the minds of many people particularly in my country Venezuela. Change jobs to look for an economic improvement, even though you like your current job and enjoy it very much.
In these times, the economic situation puts in the balance, the emotional part and the economic part and for many it leans towards the economic one. For this reason the decision will always be present and motivated by the economic part, when there are airs of change to find a better remuneration.
Thank you very much for sharing

Hello @dgalan!
Certainly that is what we see in our country, the economic part today plays a key role in making the decision to continue or change jobs because sometimes you need more than two jobs to cover expenses. Thanks for commenting, best regards

Hello friend, sometimes we find ourselves in that difficult situation of not feeling comfortable in the place where we work for different reasons, and we think a lot if we should leave it because of the economic situation that may be living at that moment, I think that as you mention in your article we must analyze our capabilities and leave the zone of indecision and take a big step, because when work environments become heavy performance is not the same.

I hope your sister makes the right decision, see you later, have a great week.

Hello my friend @amestyj!
Not feeling good in a place is an important indication that we need to change, and maybe that is what we sometimes need to take a big step and move forward and see other opportunities, we must be open to change. Thanks for commenting, greetings!

Hello there, friend. I believe that switching jobs is one of the most difficult decisions in life, but according to some people I know, if you don't fit in your present position or job and have a strong desire to work somewhere else, it becomes much simpler to quit your current job without hesitation.

Sometimes quitting work isn't for a higher income or economic reasons, but for a better position or a more comfortable environment, thus this decision has many factors to consider.

Thank you for your great post.

Hello @lennyblogs!
You are very right, changing jobs can have many causes, the important thing is to identify when it is the right time and make the decision because many things in our life will depend on it. Thanks for commenting, greetings