Technology and stress

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Hello dear friends!

Today we live a reality to which most of us do not escape, as is the use of technology in our activities, such as work, in obtaining information, allows us to interact with our friends and family, do our shopping, in short, for all this we use at least the computer, tablets or phone, which has brought many changes at social, economic and cultural level. In these times of pandemic we have seen how they have facilitated many things that we can now do from home without having to go out, and especially has allowed us to be in contact with other people.


However, we must be attentive in the use of technology, since experts have long referred to the effects that can cause its misuse, and in function of this have defined the disorders derived in various ways, including as technostress.

One of the broadest definitions is as follows: "Technostress is a negative psychological state related to the use of ICTs or the threat of their use in the future. This state is conditioned by the perception of a mismatch between the demands and resources related to ICT use that leads to a high level of unpleasant psychophysiological arousal and the development of negative attitudes towards ICT."[1]


Although this phenomenon can be present in different areas of our lives, the focus has been mostly focused on the work level, since work often demands to be connected for a long time, in the day we can be working on the computer for several hours, while being aware of the phone and messages, we can get home and still connected, All this being the cause of technostress and that can become an occupational hazard as it can cause various feelings to the worker as disability or addiction, additionally can generate greater anxiety and increase nervousness influencing the personal level, performance and productivity, adding all this to the stress generated by other situations unrelated to the use of technology.

With the introduction of technology we have seen how we work at a faster pace, sometimes with short time lapse for the execution of activities, sometimes using rest time, because now we are subjected to the increase in the speed of information and constant technological changes.

I particularly remember that in the past, when I said goodbye to my colleagues on Fridays, we did not know anything more about work until Monday. Now they may assign work on weekends or quickly schedule meetings on Sunday night for early Monday morning or other unforeseen activities.

There are several types of technostress characterized by specific symptoms including technoanxiety, technofatigue, technophobia and technaddiction. In some people it is possible that they feel tension and do not feel at ease with the use of technologies, they may even feel fear, so they avoid even talking about them or they do it in a hostile or aggressive way. As in other cases, they may feel the uncontrollable need to be connected at all times, causing discomfort and damaging their social life.

There are several instruments to measure technostress, one used in Spain for example is called RED-TIC, which allows to diagnose it, provides information on its antecedents, its emotional consequences and psychosocial damage. In this way, strategies can be created and applied to address the problem either at the individual or organizational level.

Well friends, I really found it a very interesting topic and that we must take into account in our daily lives, especially with our children and their relationship with technology as well as in my day to day. Particularly I try to look for information on the subject as I observe how my son of only 6 years old is so attracted to technological equipment and I must guide him to make proper use of them and at the right time.

Until next time, thanks for reading!

[1] Technostress. Online Document

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Excellent contribution, it is true that technology has come to occupy positions that years ago were unimaginable for us, and obviously it makes our life easier, but it also makes it more dangerous slowly and silently.
thank you

Hello @joseph1956!
Thanks for your comment, I definitely think that we did not imagine the rapid advancement of technology and as you say quietly every day is becoming an important part of our lives and we must be vigilant. Greetings!

I think that technology has helped us a lot to make our life easy e and we use it everyday for many things. In fact it's not easy e2 live live without technology since we have adopted the innovations in our day to day life.
Excess of anything is bad and we must understand this thing. If we use gadgets and devices in a discipline manner then I think we can surely avoid the stress that we get because of technology however sometimes situations might not allow to have this kind of arrangement. Nice post

Hello @alokkumar121!
Very true what you say, everything in excess is bad and it depends on us to use them in the right way if we want to make our life easier or not complicate them. Thanks for your comment, greetings!

Hi @yusvelasquez
It is very important this issue that you bring us @yusvelasquez, certainly the pandemic left in evidence many problems and intensified many more, as is the case of technophobia and technostress.
It is good to know that there are ways to detect them in time, as well as it is very important to be documented about it.
Excellent article, thanks for sharing it.

Hi @janettyanez!
Yes, it is very important to document ourselves about the different changes or disorders to which we are exposed to take the appropriate measures or to help those around us. Undoubtedly the use of technology has changed our lives and especially in these times. Thanks for reading and commenting, best regards!

Just as technology reduce stress it also increased stress in it own way.

Good point friend, for some people it is easier to release stress with the use of technology while others have been negatively affected by it, it all depends on the person. Thanks for commenting, greetings!