Plans, reflections and wishes for a very special few days

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Hello dear friends!

As we already know, we are very close to welcome the month of December, one of the most awaited months by many people because in spite of everything, this month makes us forget many things, and remember even more others.

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Particularly this year, for me Christmas will be very different, since this 2021 has been full of many lessons and experiences that I will never forget, and at this time many moments lived throughout these months are collected. That is why in this post I want to share with you part of what I keep as my most valuable wishes, reflections and plans for Christmas. I invite you to read!

When we think of Christmas, the first thing that comes to mind is who we will spend it with especially on December 24 and 31, this year I would greatly like to gather at my parents' house, with all my family, however, unlike other years, in our table a chair will be empty, as someone very special will no longer be able to accompany us physically. My father will be absent from this Christmas because he now accompanies us from heaven.

I am sure that his absence will be noticed and we will miss him very much, so Christmas will not be the same for the family. However, this month rather than feeling sadness I must fill myself with beautiful memories of him to live Christmas with joy, and as a family, because he will remain in our hearts forever.

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I want to take the opportunity to share with those who are still here, and it is the right time to live this season with gratitude, to thank God that we still have life and health, and especially in this year where he gave me and the rest of my family a chance to live, since we were all very affected by the pandemic, and everyone has not had the same blessing, we must move forward with faith and hope.

For that reason, I am already thinking about buying the ingredients to prepare the food that we always do to celebrate the birth of the baby Jesus and the new year, the sweets, the gifts, and that we spend a night with the family happy with the smiles and games of the children since they have also been very affected by the confinement and these are days for them to enjoy and spoil them a little.

As a family we are used to decorate the tree and make our presebre, we prepare the typical food of our country, the delicious hallacas, ham bread, salad and desserts which has been a blessing because despite everything there has been no lack of food on our table and we have always worked together to share especially in these days.

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Among the other things I would like to do, is to get together again with my family who live in Caracas since even though we are in the same country it is difficult to travel and the pandemic has also distanced us, to share with them as we used to do in these holidays and in every special occasion. I would also like to get together with my friends since with the pandemic we have been very limited in going out for meetings or visits.

Although I think this year's Christmas will be a little different than last year because of the pandemic as many people have been able to travel and get together with their families.

At this time of the year I also reflect a lot on what each year leaves me with and this one leaves me with many lessons learned, among many others, that maintaining good health is the most important thing in life, we must take care of ourselves and do what really makes us happy. We are blessed people because we still have life and health, and despite the circumstances and the situation we have lived through in our country, there has been no lack of food on our table or to our families. That we are hard-working people and that we will continue forward confident that everything will be better.

That the moment is today, let's not leave things for tomorrow because we don't know if there will be. Let's enjoy every moment and the company of our loved ones, because when they are not there they are missing.

And we can't forget to make our wishes for next year! Among mine are from the bottom of my heart that everyone has a lot of health and life and that the pandemic is over and that many families can be reunited again. May prosperity reign in our country, and may everything improve especially for our children. May everyone fulfill their dreams, as long as you have life everything is possible.

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To all of you I send many blessings, may you have a happy holiday season and may joy, peace, prosperity, love and unity reign in your families!

Thank you for reading

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Hello dear friend, I love Christmas, for me December is the best month hehehe, I think the most important thing is to share with those people we love and that fill us. I am far away from my family but in spite of that I try to have a good time and be happy for what I have and what I have achieved. Thanks for sharing. Greetings.

Hello friend!
Christmas is definitely a very beautiful time and you have to enjoy it and as you say, share it with those we have by our side, they are unique moments. I hope you have a great time, thanks for commenting, greetings!

Hello dear friend @yusvelasquez, I know it will not be the same for you this Christmas because you are missing one of the fundamental pillars in your life, but I see that you have a lot of determination to go ahead and give a splendid Christmas to those who are still with you in this earthly space, it is certainly worth it, so that there is a May family integration in the absence of a loved one.

I hope with all my heart that all your wishes are fulfilled, God bless you!

Hello my friend @amestyj!
Thank you very much for your comment, that's right, we must keep the family together so that the absences are more bearable and at this time we can take advantage of sharing many moments. Best wishes to you and your family, greetings!

A month awaited by all, but especially by the children who are so excited for their toys but above all for the family togetherness.

greetings and thank you for sharing the good wishes of sembrina for everyone in projecthope.

Hello @carlos84!
Definitely the children are the ones who encourage us to do many things at this time of the year, to decorate the house, to buy gifts, toys, prepare sweets and that together as a family we can spend very pleasant moments. Thanks for commenting, greetings!

Dear @yusvelasquez

Thanks for sharing your dreams with all of us :)

Upcoming Christmas will surely be very strange and unpredictable. Especially since this new strain of Covid virus seem to be an excuse for most goverments to introduce strict lockdowns and enforce people to stay home. It's sad and miserable solution, which proved not to work till now. And it seem to be repeated again.

I want to take the opportunity to share with those who are still here, and it is the right time to live this season with gratitude, to thank God that we still have life and health

Are you very religious? I wonder how do manage to believe in God, while living in country which suffer so much. I would ask myself every single day: why is God so cruel to allow it all to happen. Where is his love and mercy?

I'm myself currently happily in Malaysia, where it's warm and cosy. I love experiencing snow for a day or two, but feeling cold longer than that is a BIG NO GO for me :)

did you ever experience snow in your lifetime?

Stay safe my friend,
Cheers, Piotr

Hello friend Piotr!
Thanks for reading my post. Certainly we do not know what is going to happen, this seems to be a story that does not come to an end as every day new strains appear that keep us alert and perhaps for many people their plans will have to change at this time.
Yes, since I was very young I celebrate the birth of the child God with my family, because we believe in him, certainly there are things that are difficult to understand why they happen, but that make more sense when they are seen from faith.
By chance my son was asking me these days if we could see snow here, but we live in a warm place where it is not possible, it would be a nice experience that I would like to enjoy a lot especially with my son.
I hope you enjoy these days with your family, take care of yourself.