My experience starting to mine the RBS token

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Greetings dear friends.

It has been several days since the launch of the Robinia Swap project, for which many of the members of the Project Hope community had great expectations since we knew about this initiative; I really wanted to start mining the RBS token as soon as possible but did not have the steem necessary to cross the Robinia bridge, so I would like to thank crypto.piotr for the help provided to participate in this project.

Image prepared in PowerPoint using a screenshot from Robiniaswap.

Many fellow community members have made excellent posts describing the steps to follow to use Robinia, which I appreciate because they made my experience more enjoyable, I felt that I already knew the platform, and also for that reason I don't want to share another step by step but rather tell you a little about how was my experience when I started using the platform.

I started using Robinia on Sunday 10th of this month, when I had a little more than 200 Steem to start, I followed to the letter the tutorials described by @josevas217, starting by installing the Metamask wallet extension, I must admit that it is the first time I create and use a wallet of this type, so his video explaining the installation was a great help, so I could install the extension, configure the Smart Chain network and BSteem tokens.

Screenshots of the installation of the Metamask wallet.

Then I proceeded to transfer my Steem to the Metamask wallet using Robinia's bridge to convert my Steem to BSteem, I had 208 Steem available to transfer and using this bridge has a 1% fee, so 205.92 BSteem arrived to my wallet. This bridge is very simple to use, just connect the wallet, indicate the coins we are going to convert, the amount and the address of the destination wallet.

Screenshot taken from Robinia Bridge.

Going to the RobiniaSwap platformI connected my wallet, then went to the "Pools" section and located where the BSteem option is located among the different currencies available, clicked on "Approve contract".

Screenshot taken from Robinia Bridge.

I then clicked on the "Stake" option and in the pop up window that appears indicate the amount to bet, selecting the maximum available, as you can see this would have a commission of almost 6.17 Steem. When clicking on "Confirm" the Metamask wallet displays a window asking for confirmation and indicating us the payment of a commission, in order to cover this operation I deposited some BNB from my Binance account into the Metamask wallet, thus I completed the transaction and started mining RBS.

Screenshot taken from Robinia Bridge.

Overall it has been a satisfactory experience, it is the first time I use this type of platform and the stake service, and it really seems to me an excellent way to generate passive income, maybe I have entered a little later than most and the price has already dropped, but I think it will be best to have a little patience and watch my investment grow while the project is consolidated.

On the other hand, this project will also allow us to grow our Steem account, since we can reinvest the profits to get a better return or in the future we can return the profits to Steem and continue growing on the platform.

Well friends this has been my experience using the Robinia platform, I thank our friend @josevas217 for all his guidance that made this journey very easy and @crypto.piort for his support.

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Greetings @ yusvelasquez
Thank you very much for sharing your experience with this great DeFi project like Robinia Swap, let's hope that very soon it can be consolidated for the benefit of all the members of this great community that we are supporting it.
Thank you very much for sharing

Many thanks to you for stopping by to read the post my friend @dgalan, hopefully the project will bring benefits to the members and the whole steem community.

hello @yusvelasquez,
all this experience that gave us to participate in robinia swap is very interesting, personally with the guide of josevas you can understand how the swap works and how it is possible to obtain benefits from the whole Defi system, without a doubt it is a great experience to participate in robinia swap.

That's right my friend, participating in the project has been a great learning experience, and josevas' tutorials helped a lot to facilitate the experience.

Thanks for sharing us your experience with Robinia @yusvelasquez friend.

I have good expectations about this project.

Great post and tutorial too.

Hello @tocho2!
Thanks for your comment, I also have good expectations about the project and I'm learning new things every day on the platform. Greetings!

Thanks for sharing the experience with us about RBS and it will surely help many people out here to understand and encourage them to be part of these fantastic decentralised finance platform. Sharing this periods is important because people get to know about something that it is good or not based on the feedback shared by existing users.
@tipu curate

No doubt my friend, thanks to the experience and recommendations that each user has shared we have learned the details of the platform and make the experience easier. Thanks to you for reading and for your support.

Greetings @yusvelasquez, thanks for sharing your experience with this great project called RobiniaSwap, it can bring many benefits in the near future, or that is what we all hope, we are all in expectation, while the project develops, it is necessary that we learn everything about it, to get a lot of benefits.

Certainly the members of the community have high expectations, let's hope that the project consolidates and that we can enjoy its benefits.

Greetings dear friend @yusvelasquez, thanks for sharing your experiences in robinia, as you mention the projecthope team was a fundamental pillar, to have a timely start in the robina platform. There is a lot of expectation about, we hope that in the medium and long term it will give us great monetary satisfaction.

See you later, have a great start of the week.

Hello friend @amestyi!
Certainly thanks to the support of the community we have been able to participate in this new project in which we have high hopes to achieve good and great fruits. Greetings!

Thank for sharing your experience, i believe this will also serve as a guide to many people that will like to participate in the project.

Have a wonderful week.

Thanks to you for reading it. I believe that yes, just as I was helped by the posts of other colleagues, this one may help other people to become familiar with the project.

Hello Buddy!

It's really great to share your experience and how the process have gone smoothly too. I'm pretty sure that's capable of encouraging many people to invest in RobiniaSwap too, it's never too late for anyone to profit.

Keep up the good work!

That's right my friend, it is never too late to participate in something that generates benefits for us. I hope I can show others how simple it is and encourage them to participate.

I have not yet had the opportunity to make my investment but reading your posts and really evidencing that it is quite simple I think I will do it. Certainly the platform of the project looks quite friendly and easy to use as you rightly say.

Hi @emimoron. I'm glad that the post serves to give you an overview of how easy it is to use the platform, and when you decide to participate you will find in the community many other informative posts that will be of great help.