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Hello dear friends!

Perhaps in this last year many of you have taken some time to reflect on various aspects of your life and that is very important to move forward. We have seen that everything can change overnight, and what we could do freely before can no longer be done, with whom we could share now we can not do it, and those who always accompanied us may no longer be physically present today.

Among the things that perhaps we have come to think, is that we should value life more, do what we like the most, be happy and share everything we can, especially with our families and friends.

Many at some point followed the wise advice or the steps of their parents, and dedicated themselves to study a university career, obtain a university degree, get a job and perhaps have managed to raise a family and have thought to continue in their jobs because they think that it is not time to change to another one and expect to live on retirement when they reach old age.

However, have you ever asked yourself or in this time with so many changes, what do you really want for your life, are you where you once dreamed of being, do you feel good about what you have achieved? These are some of the questions that lead us to reflect on whether we feel good about who we are and what we have.

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When situations like those we are experiencing globally with the pandemic happen, when we suffer a breakup, when we lose a loved one, perhaps they make us rethink our life and see things differently, that change can serve as an impetus to work for what we want and see that the time to do it is now and that we should not leave it for later or in the worst case feel depressed, sad and see only the negative of what happens to you.

All this leads us to highlight how important it is to have a life project that allows us to live oriented on the road to get where we want, to do what we like, to work with passion and enjoy the journey while we achieve it, to give value to our dreams, to care about us, to feel good, to enjoy life despite the sometimes painful circumstances that we may be presented and not reach the end of the road frustrated or dissatisfied with what we did in life and the opportunities we missed for not being clear on what we wanted.

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Making a life plan involves many things, including being clear that we must be responsible for the decisions we make and what we do, which will avoid taking paths or adopting behaviors that are against what we want to achieve, and especially plan based on what we really like, what motivates us and what makes us happy.

Now, for many, the life plan should be made when you are young because you have a long way ahead, however, that is not safe. It is important to do it at any time where we are really aware of the great things we can achieve in life and that we must make the most of it, we can not go where the river takes us or where others want to take us, we must be clear about our goals, and work to fulfill them, not only remain in a plan or in our thoughts, we must execute it.

Well friends, for the moment I say goodbye, thanks for reading, until next time!

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Hello I really liked your post, just at this time where we must learn to live with the pandemic I think it is very important to learn to plan our lives based on possible and achievable things, because in many cases we propose things that are difficult to accomplish because they do not depend on us and we end up getting frustrated. Thank you for reminding us how important it is to value every moment of life.

Hello @emimoron!
Certainly sometimes we get frustrated for not meeting our goals or we are not where we want to be, but maybe we have chosen the wrong path or something we are not doing well to achieve it and that can lead us to give up, but we should not do it we must always go ahead and try. Thanks for your comment, greetings!