How to make an important decision in our children's education

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Hello friends

Nowadays most children and young people have finished their studies and are enjoying their holidays, but parents still have to deal with the enrolment process, either for the next term, to start school if they are younger and are going to start school, or if they are thinking of changing for various reasons.

One of the most important decisions parents are faced with is the choice of the school their child will attend, as many aspects have to be taken into account, so the selection is sometimes not so easy and involves several changes in the family's routine. It is important to note that each parent makes the selection based on certain criteria that may differ from others, it all depends on what each one is looking for their children. That is why here I would like to show you some tips that may be useful if you have not yet made your decision.


It is advisable to have some reference of the schools that you have as options, in this way to know how they work, the teachers who work there and their experience in the area, the methodology used, the services they offer, how the administrative part works, the timetables, religion, their regulations, among other information, as well as to make a previous tour and ask all the questions that you consider necessary. It is also common to observe that parents choose the school where they were educated on the basis of their own experiences.

It must be decided whether the selection will be made for a defined period of time or for all of their studies, taking into account that there are schools that only attend the first stage until they promote them to first grade, so that they then have to be placed in another school, as there are others that cover what is known here as primary, secondary and baccalaureate.


Another aspect to consider is whether the school is public or private, so you can make a list of all the available options, and evaluate the costs involved in each one, especially when you have several children, since in public schools the fees are higher, and you must also add the costs of uniforms, school supplies and other expenses.

Finally, the location of the school must be taken into account. Generally, the closest options are preferred, since this has an influence on transport costs, as well as on the organisation of the different activities of the family members, since it is more beneficial to choose a school that is located close to the parents' or responsible family member's work.

As we can see, choosing where our children will study is not easy, and should not be taken lightly, it is necessary to work beforehand to obtain the information, it should be taken in common agreement between the parents, taking into account that there is also the possibility that the children may not adapt quickly to the school, they may not feel comfortable, so we must be very attentive, especially during the first few days, and if necessary, another option should be chosen for their wellbeing.


The school is the place where children spend most of the day, so they should feel comfortable, and parents should be sure that they have made the best decision.

Well friends, I hope you find this information useful, thank you for reading.

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Very good choice of share, as parent children education should be a priority and as you have mentioned one should make necessary inquiries about a school check background and past record putting distance into consideration is also a good thing to note thanks for the share.

Hello @mccoy02!
Obtaining information and opinions related to the options available is one of the most important criteria to take into account, and should be complemented with visits and questions that you consider necessary to ask the school in order to have a clearer vision of what they offer.

Undoubtedly our role as parents goes beyond the provision of food and clothing, we must ensure the proper training of our children and education plays a major role, so we must be aware of the best choice of school and teachers for them.

Good contribution friend. Regards

Hello @madridbg!
Certainly the education of our children is paramount so we must be involved in everything related to it to guide them in the best way and choose in this case the best option. Thank you for your comment.

Surely, the decision for a school is a big one. Doing some background research about the structure of the school, it’s teachers and other important factors is really a good thing, because at the end of the day, the type of school our kids attend have a huge impact on their thinking abilities and even the future eventually.

Hello @gbenga!
Very true my friend, school has a big impact on children and it is important not to take this decision lightly without taking the time to seek information about the different options.

I am not a parent yet, but I definitely understand how important school choice affects children, I am learning actually for the purpose of the future (smiles).

Hello @bimbo45!
I think it is very good that you are attentive and interested in aspects related to the education of children, as these are very important issues. Thank you for your comment