Give thanks on a special day!

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Hello dear friends!

In this post I want to tell you that a few days ago I was able to share my birthday with my loved ones, and although someone very special in my life can no longer accompany me physically, and it was my first birthday without him, I decided to live my day more from gratitude and not so much from sadness, although it is a little difficult to miss on such a special day for each of us.

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This year in particular, I was able to reflect more on the meaning of this day and see so many blessings I had to be thankful for. For many people the day of their birthday can be very stressful because of the many things they have to do and organize for their celebration, on the contrary, I have also met some people who consider it a normal and ordinary day where they follow the same routine of every day, there are also those who see the negative of adding another year of life, either because it means being closer to old age, feeling lonely, sad in short .... They only focus on thinking about what they do not have, what they want or what they lack, and perhaps they do not see everything that is around them and what they have been able to achieve and with whom they are at that moment.

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So what can we be thankful for on this day?

First of all, it is a propitious day to be thankful for life, for having the opportunity to wake up, get up, be healthy and be able to do what we like, because not everyone has had that great opportunity. Enjoy every minute of your day, do not waste it and celebrate everything you can.

Be thankful for each of the people who accompany you, whether they are with you physically, or send you a message by whatsapp, instagram, mail, a call or by any other means, because you are present in their life and they have taken their time to congratulate you. Do not think that you are not important in case someone forgets, maybe they will remember later and let you know or just if they forgot remember that this can happen to many of us especially with so many things today.

Be thankful for every detail received from a hug, a card, a cake, a gift are expressions of the love they have for you.

Be thankful for all the food you can share, it is a blessing to have food on our table every day and even more so on that special day.

From a psychological point of view 1, celebrating our birthday is beneficial, as it is a way to better accept the passing of the years, it strengthens self-esteem and can help us make decisions about what to do in our future, what projects to carry out or what dreams to fulfill from that moment on. This celebration is mostly attributed to women rather than men, this may be the reason that some tend to forget these dates, anniversary or other particular event and may be celebrated differently. Perhaps everything also depends on the age of the birthday, it may be that when we get older, for example, instead of making us feel good, it may be a reason for sadness.

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The important thing is to enjoy it as much as possible, as long as it makes us feel good and makes it a special and different day. Keep all the memories, and if possible take lots of pictures with your loved ones, it helps a lot for when they are not there and above all be thankful!

Particularly I have been fortunate to live very special moments on my birthday, and how do you live your day?

For the moment I say goodbye, thanks for reading, until next time!

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Hello friend @yusvelazquez. First of all on such a special day as is the day of our birthday, the first thing is to thank God for allowing us life and health, secondly to our mother who has been the one who fought with us for 9 long months in her womb taking care of us, our father for supporting her and other family members, This day is a day to celebrate with our loved ones and show them how important they have been in our lives.

Greetings and thank you for your publication

Hello @sandracarrascal!
That's right friend, that's the most important thing, to be thankful for all the blessings we have and to share with our loved ones that and every day. Thanks for commenting, greetings!

Hello @yusvelasquez, I particularly have continuously celebrated my birthdays as well as those of my loved ones, despite the country situation or the pandemic we have not overlooked the occasion I have one of my sisters who is my accomplice in all these activities and we enjoy them to the fullest with all our loved ones, Greetings and thanks for your input

Hello @sidalim88!
That is the important thing to be able to share with your loved ones this important date that helps us to move forward despite the adversities. Thanks for reading and commenting!

Greetings friend @yusvelasquez, certainly one should enjoy the day of your birthday to the fullest by thanking GOD first for that day, then thank our loved ones for the attention they provide on a special day for the birthday boy/girl, in the same way it is inebitable to remember our loved ones who are no longer physically with us but certainly accompany us spiritually. Personally, I enjoy my birthday with my family doing what I love to cook.

Hello my friend @carlir!
Yes, first of all thank God for all his blessings and for having the fortune to share with the family, how nice that you also enjoy it with your loved ones. Greetings!