Environmental damage generated in meat production

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Hello dear friends!

As we know, it is advisable to include in our diet red meat from sheep, pigs and cattle to keep us healthy, as they provide vitamins and minerals important for the body.

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Now, there have been several studies related to the environmental impact generated in the production of this type of food, which have resulted in impacts of great relevance, and it is necessary that the population is aware of this issue, and thus to moderate their consumption, in addition to finding ways to meet the demand of the population without causing more damage to nature.

What is the impact due to? The impact is basically due to several factors, firstly the production of this food has increased deforestation worldwide, since approximately 83% of the land for cultivation globally is used for grazing and for the production of food to feed chickens and pigs, according to studies conducted at the University of Oxford 1. This has also resulted in the loss of animal biodiversity and damage to ecosystems.

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An example of this situation is clearly presented in countries such as the United States and Brazil, which are the largest soybean producers and where more than 77% is destined for livestock feed and only 7% for human food, which means that more needs to be produced to feed animals than is produced for direct human consumption 2.

On the other hand, the food sector is a major contributor to greenhouse gas emissions, water and soil pollution, among others.

Based on this, some companies are opting to make vegetable imitations of meat, or carrying out studies for the production of meat based on the use of animal cells to be cultivated in laboratories, since scientific data show that the current trend in relation to meat consumption must be reversed for the good of the environment, man and animals.

From my point of view, perhaps this will be difficult because most people believe that meat is essential and cannot be absent in our meals, many times they do not realize that excessive consumption brings with it an increase in the number of cardiovascular diseases, this being one of the main causes of death.

In our country, perhaps due to the economic situation we are going through, a high consumption of meat is not reported because of how difficult it is to acquire a kilo of this product, however, this situation does occur in other countries whose figures are increasing, and we must consider that the effect on the environment affects us and will affect us all at some point, so we must reflect and be vigilant.

Well friends, until here this post I say goodbye waiting for your opinion about your preferences, meat or vegetables, are you willing to contribute to the reduction of meat consumption?

Thanks for reading!

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Hi @yusvelasquez

Good topic, I had already heard about this "some companies are opting to make vegetable imitations of meat, or to carry out studies for the production of meat based on the use of animal cells to be grown in laboratories", in particular this generates me distrust I think this will create multiple pathologies that eventually will worsen the health of the human species.

Best regards, be well.

Hi @lupafilotaxia!
Certainly in case such changes are made, a series of studies should be conducted as to the implications on the health of people, it does not prove more harmful than the problem you want to treat. Thank you for commenting,best regards!

Hi @yusvelasquez
We can get practically all the vitamins and minerals necessary for our proper functioning from vegetables alone, I know. Maybe some Folic Acid, which is not in large proportions in vegetables, would not be necessary, but a Vegetarian diet allows a healthy life, I know this is not the point, but I wanted to share my point of view.
The production of meat consumes a lot of land, food, pollutes, and really eating it very constantly is not so healthy, maybe you think that not with meat, but I do, not so often, of course.

Hi @josevas217!
Particularly I have leaned more towards vegetables than meat, however, eating it not so often I also consider it is not bad for their contributions, everything will depend on the preferences of the people. Thanks for commenting, greetings!